Wipf & Stock Bundles up to 80% Off

In the 1990’s, John Wipf and Jon Stock noticed that new academic research was growing more and more unaffordable for the average person, and that essential classic studies in Bible and theology were slowly disappearing from print. So they founded Wipf & Stock Publishers to provide scholarly and pastoral research at affordable prices.

In just two decades Wipf & Stock has become well known for its wide range of reprints, including works by some of the most important names in theology, biblical studies, and church history

Now through November 15, stock your library with four bundles of Wipf & Stock books, saving you up to 80% on some of the best titles Wipf & Stock offers:

Wipf & Stock Basic Study Bundle (15 vols.) — $69.99
The Wipf & Stock Basic Study Bundle includes books from giants in the field of biblical studies, theology, and Church history. Gain insights in the text and interpretation of the New Testament at the feet of C.K. Barrett, study the parables of Matthew with Jonathan Edwards, or read about the historical evidence for the historicity of Jesus’ life and resurrection with acclaimed apologist William Lane Craig. These and more will build up your faith and challenge you as you continue your Christian walk.

Wipf & Stock Theology Study Bundle (39 vols.) — $139.99
The Wipf & Stock Theology Study Bundle presents important theological reflection from important Christian thinkers and theologians, including ten volumes from C.S. Lewis on a wide breadth of theological topics like the problem of evil, apologetics, and the work of Christ. Additionally, thoughtful scholarly essays from leading evangelical scholars address important questions of hermeneutics, the biblical canon, and the relevance of the Church and Bible in the world today that will bring insight and discernment to your digital library.

Wipf & Stock Advanced Studies Bundle (55 vols.) — $249.99
The Wipf & Stock Advanced Studies Bundle offers dozens of works in biblical studies and theology. Covering advanced topics in Greek grammar and linguistics, recent advances in biblical studies, and contemporary issues in theology from the twentieth and twentieth centuries, the Wipf & Stock Advanced Studies Bundle will inform your work and studies with current research.

Wipf & Stock Ultimate Bundle (493 vols.) — $2,224.99
The Wipf & Stock Ultimate Bundle offers a comprehensive collection of biblical commentaries, scholarly monographs on hermeneutics, biblical studies, theology, and pastoral resources. This incredible collection of books provides a comprehensive selection of research for whatever topic that might come your way.


This deal ends 11/15, so get your bundles now!