How to Use the Important Passages Feature in Logos 8

Usually when we’re studying a passage we like to explore cross-references related to that passage. For example, imagine we’re camped out in Luke 4:1 which states Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit, led by the Holy Spirit, and tempted by the devil. During our research, we may want to read other passages about Spirit fullness or guidance or temptation. Typically, however, we have to look up the cross-reference to see what it’s about.

That’s about to change with a new feature in Logos 8 called Important Passages. This Guide section not only lists a cross-reference but also tells us why it’s a cross-reference in the first place!

Let’s take a look:

  • Choose Guides | Passage Guide (A)

  • Type a passage like Acts 17:1–4 in the Reference box (B)
  • Press the Enter key to generate a report
  • Expand the Important Passages section if it isn’t already (C)
  • Select By Type to arrange the cross-references according to what they share in common with the passage under study (D)
  • Expand the section Shared People/Places/Things to see cross references related to the people, places, and things mentioned in Acts 17:1–4! (E)

Here’s just a little context for Important Passages: all of the cross-references in this section are coming from Logos catalog of commentaries and are related to the passage we’re studying. After locating the cross-references that authors mention in their commentaries, “Logos” makes an “educated guess” as to how or why they’re related to the passage under study.

This is one my top five favorite new features in Logos 8!

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Morris Proctor
is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.





  1. Scott Youngman says

    The second screenshot doesn’t match the step-by-step text for important passages; it is about important words instead.

  2. Mo, you have the wrong graphic in the post. None of the descriptions match their corresponding letter in the graphic.

  3. Gregory Chambers says

    It appears that the text is for Important Passages, while the illustrations are for Important Words.

  4. James Schafer says

    Just came to this site and read what Mo published above and either he later changed it, or you fellows are not seeing what I have on my screen. Went to L8, followed his instructions and got his exact result.

  5. Scott Youngman says

    The graphic was corrected to match the text.

  6. It doesn’t work in my Logos 8. Both Important Passages and Important Words is greyed out and contains no information.

    What has gone wrong?


    • Hi Ken! Hmmm. It sounds like something didn’t download, or you may have the Starter Feature Set, which does not include these Important passages and Important Words. Go ahead and give our customer service team a call and they will be able to help. 800-875-6467 or
      +1 360-527-1700

      • Thanks for replying Karen.

        I’m not sure which version of Logos I have. I started with Logos in the days when it came on 3.5″ disks and have updated it with various sets(?) over the years.

        How can I tell which version I have?