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Norman L. Geisler Collection (14 vols.) – $129.99, 35% Off
The 14-volume Norman L. Geisler Collection captures recurring themes present in Geisler’s teaching, writing, and ministry—ranging from philosophy and apologetics to theology and biblical studies. Consider Geisler’s defense of the resurrection, read volumes on miracles and biblical inspiration, and study important historical and philosophical movements that have shaped Christian history.

Global Christianity Collection (7 vols.) – $52.97, 35% Off
Forward-thinking and timely, the Global Christianity Collection locates the nature and meaning of Christian theology in a twenty-first century, global context. Experts from diverse cultural and theological backgrounds consider human rights, postcolonialism, global ethics, and other major issues.

Mobile Ed: ED205 Discipleship in History and Practice (10 hour course) – $250.03, 34% Off
Drawing from the history of Jewish and Christian education from the Old Testament to the modern day, Dr. Cardoza casts a vision for discipleship and the development of discipleship programs. You’ll gain practical insight into leading discipleship ministries and be better equipped to make disciples.

Robert P. Lightner and Aubrey Malphurs Collection (9 vols.) – $69.95, 36% Off
This collection provides concise, biblically sound resources that address the challenges and topics pastors, teachers, and all who minister the Word face. Whether it’s a family that has lost a young child or a church that lacks focus and direction, the Robert P. Lightner and Aubrey Malphurs Collection (9 vols.) offers solid, proven, and accessible information.

Neil T. Anderson Collection (11 vols.) – $74.99, 37% Off
Filled with Neil T. Anderson’s deep knowledge of God’s Word and his compassion for people, these 11 volumes provide biblically sound teaching and guidance for Christ-centered living. Each volume includes personal testimonies and practical application.


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