Everything You Need to Know about Notes in Logos 8

Notes is where you store your insights. It’s how you capture that important observation, powerful quote, or memorable illustration in Logos so you can return to it later.

Logos 8 brings new and powerful changes to Notes, making it easier than ever to capture, organize, find, and share your insights.

As Logos user Mark Barnes said, “The new notes tool in Logos 8 makes all my existing notes and highlighting immensely more useful, as I can now find and read my old notes—on any subject—in a matter of seconds.

Here’s what’s new in Notes—available in all Logos 8 packages—followed by answers to some frequently asked questions about the changes.

New in Notes

These are just three highlights from the complete list of improvements and additions to Notes.

You can also watch and read a tutorial of the new Notes feature for a more in-depth look.

Smarter, automatic tagging

Logos now tags your notes for you.

When you take a note on a book or Bible passage, Logos automatically tags it with the book title, date, Bible reference, and other important data. This saves you time and makes your notes easier to organize and find.

Of course, you can also add your own tags as needed.

Get Notes in any Logos 8 base package or upgrade.

Better organization with notebooks

Now you can group your notes however you want.

Create a Notebook for any subject or type of note. Doing a study of John 4? Start a “John 4” notebook. Or bring all your favorite highlights and illustrations into a “Quotes and Illustrations” notebook.

Get Notes in any Logos 8 base package or upgrade.

Faster searching with filters

New filtering options make it easier than ever to find your notes.

Drill down to the smallest detail, like a verse you tagged to memorize in Colossians:

You can filter by several categories just by typing or clicking, so it only takes a few seconds to find what you’re looking for.

Again, these are just the highlights. Read the Notes FAQ for a whole list of additions and improvements.

But what about . . .

If you are familiar with Notes from previous versions of Logos, you may be wondering what happened to some of your favorite features.

With these big improvements to Notes came a general overhaul, which means some features are in different places than they used to be, and others are retired or coming back soon.

We listened to feedback from early testers of Logos 8 and compiled some of their questions and concerns in this FAQ page. Go there to learn:

  • What’s new and improved
  • What’s coming soon (ordered by priority)
  • What features are no longer part of Notes
  • Answers to commonly asked questions

We have a whole team dedicated solely to Notes—listening to your feedback and working on improvements and additions.

If you have a question about Notes, check out the Notes FAQ page first. You may find your answer there.

Here are just a few of the questions and answers you’ll find there:

How do I get the new Notes tool?

We’ve already done the work to make all your notes and highlights work seamlessly in the new system. When you upgrade to Logos 8, all your notes and highlights will be ready to use in the new system on all platforms.

Where are my note documents?

Your note documents from the old system have all migrated to the new note system as notebooks with the same name. Think of them as folders for your notes. You can find them in the left sidebar under the Notebooks tab.

Can I access all of my notes and highlights on my PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad/iPhone, or Android device?

Yes. The new note system was built to work seamlessly across all your devices. After you’ve upgraded to Logos 8, all your notes and highlights will sync across all your devices as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Can I try the new note system before upgrading to Logos 8?

All of your notes are available right now on the Logos web app. Go try it out for free, and see how you can browse your notes with the new facet system. (Just remember, any new notes or edits you create on the web app won’t sync back to your desktop until you upgrade to Logos 8.)

Can I still use the old notes system?

You might still be using an older version of Logos (either on your desktop computer or mobile device) and taking notes and highlights in the old system. That’s okay; your notes will continually migrate forward to the new system so that when you are ready to switch to Logos 8, your notes will be ready for you.

Find more answers on the Notes FAQ page.

Ready to try notes?

Capture, organize, and find your insights easier than ever in Logos. Shop Logos 8 packages to try the new and improved Notes.


  1. Reid Ferguson says

    The new system looks absolutely fabulous. I a, a very heavy notes user and this is an amazing overhaul and upgrade. Thank you all most heartily.

    Now for a question. On the iPad, under the old system, when you made a note, you had to direct it to a particular file, or it was automatically attached to the resource. So for instance, if I made a note on John 3:16 while reading the ESV, that note would only show up in the ESV – unless. Unless I took the extra step to put into my JOHN notes file. In which case it showed up not only in every Bible version but in every resource where John 3:16 appears. So for my question: Do I still have to take that extra step, or has the organization scheme remedied that?

    Thanks again.

    • Matthew Boffey says

      Hi Reid, that’s a good question. I’ve passed it on to a few of our Logos Pros, and I’ll respond here as soon as I get a response from them.

      • Reid, yes, you still have choose whether your note is anchored to the Bible you are reading, or to the reference in all your resources. (Reference anchoring is temporarily unavailable on mobile, and we are working on adding that back soon.)

  2. Gaius Wilkinson says

    So after I upgraded my laptop and main Ipad to logos 8 last week, spent an hour banging my head against the wall, and saying things that a Christian should never say and contemplating calling Accordance, I have calmed down enough to offer some comment. This is meant to help, even though I know that my one little email will probably be mostly ignored. Fortunately, I have two ipads and did not upgrade one of them, which is what I am emailing everyone, don’t upgrade your ipad.

    I’m sure that people at Logos use the software but many times those of us that use it everyday wonder. The biggest upset with the new Logos 8 is “Notes.” Why is this a problem. I hope your listening. There are three reasons to use Logos for presentation. They are “word processor” ability, “hyperlinking” and use-ability on our ipads. When you mess these three then we go back to “noteability” and wonder why we have money invested in Logos. We all understand the need to make “Notes” more about notes and “Sermon Editor” about sermons and lessons. But, in Logos 7 “Sermon Editor” failed miserably to provide these three things and is still failing, and Notes met these three things the best. So, we stayed with “Notes.” “Sermon Editor” is like trying to drive nails with a crescent wrench instead of a hammer. You can get it done but you wish the whole time you had a hammer. Now with Logos 8 neither one meets these needs. Since we are obviously going forward and not back, PLEASE listen to my feedback.

    Here is what happened with “Notes” in Logos 8 to make it not usable for a presenter. The verses are hyperlinked but you cannot go directly to the scripture text. You have to hold and wait and select a viewing option. Even when you have a split screen with your Bible viewable you still have to hold, wait, select etc. This adds way too much time and is awkward. With the old notes you simple touched and read your text with a split screen. Many of us use lots of cross reference texts when presenting and the new “Notes” is simply not useable. The new “Notes” with the index of content takes up about 30% of the real estate to view your sermon or lesson. On the laptop you can make it go full window but not on the ipad. For some reason and this may be a bug, when I change screens on the ipad, sometimes when I come back to notes my sermon is gone and I have to re-find it in the index. So we have lost hyperlinking and real estate. Many of us have years of sermons in “Notes” that right now we cannot use to present with on the ipad.

    The “Sermon Editor” hyperlinks really well, once you figure out how to add a space after the text so that you get a hyperlink and not the entire text. I still can’t figure out how to link a commentary as easily as “Notes” where you can just link a Title to the place in the commentary. Sermon Editor however, is a word processing nightmare. The “Speaker” menu was an obvious band aid fix after many of us refused to use it in Logos 7. Trying to outline a lesson or sermon is a real struggle because you don’t have text justification, font size selection, to name a few problems. You have to juggle back and forth between the heading menu and the speaker menu to get the look you want. You select from the heading menu with your cursor on the line you are changing but you have to select the text to make a change in the speaker menu. A return key will send you back to normal, instead keeping your configuration for the next subpoint. You cannot tell how one line is configured to try and duplicate it because when you select a line, it doesn’t show you in the speaker menu how it is configured. When your text wraps it wraps all the way to the left so that you lose sight of your point, no text wrapping. In the old notes many of these items were not a problem. I had a situation where I had text I chose to be a “prompt” it set it off and was colored red. Later in the document when I selected “prompt” it set it off but made it black. I could not get these two configured the same. You cannot select the first “prompt” and read from the menu’s how it is configured. I finally had to delete the second “prompt” copy the first and past it in and then change the text. By the way, when you hit the return key after “prompt” it seems to keep that configuration for the next line even though nothing else does.
    If “Sermon Editor” is going to work it has to be a sermon EDITOR. Yes the ability to create handouts and slides is great but not if we have to keep using a crescent wrench instead of a hammer to get the job done. We need the word processing advantage of “Notes” in “Sermon Editor” and it would be nice if you could bring back easy hyperlinking to “Notes” and give us back the real estate.
    Lastly, Thank you for what you do! I may not always sound like it but I do love Logos. It is a huge help in the ministry. The redesigned ipad aap was a huge improvement. I know that it is a big task to update and create and keep everybody happy, and I put in my two cents worth because I know you do want feedback, but once again Thank You!

    • Matthew Boffey says

      Hi Gaius,

      Thank you for your comment, we’re sorry the experience has been frustrating for you. I’ve shared your feedback with our team (specifically, those who built Logos 8), and they will be contacting you next week. We are listening to all feedback, and are very appreciative of the time you took to express your concerns.


    • Geoff Johnson says

      Gaius, I appreciate your perspective. I have tried a few times to use only Logos tools for my lesson prep, but I have always resorted back to using Word and/or PowerPoint for collecting all the material into a form that I can print or use live during my lesson presentation. You have been more persistent than I in figuring out how to use Notes to do this, and I can definitely see where the recent changes would make even that impractical. It would be perfect to find a way to keep my lessons entirely in Logos for future reference. It would also be great to be able to switch seamlessly between a presentation and a word study on the fly if a question in class calls for ad hoc digging into the original language. I’m not a church, so Proclaim isn’t an option. The Canvas tool might get closer to the kind of layout control I’d like for my printed lesson notes, but I think I’m always going to have to put my visuals into PowerPoint.

      • Gaius Wilkinson says

        Has anyone tried to create a sermon or lesson outline in “Word” and then copy and paste it into Sermon Editor? I wonder if it would retain its formatting to avoid the frustration of Sermon Editor? I will try that soon and respond back. Also additional problems in Sermon Editor:
        – I can’t seem to keep the slides view turned off. Every time it either refreshes or try to create a slide, the slide view is turned back on.
        – Text wrapping or the lack thereof is extremely annoying. Using bullets helps a little.
        – When you make a heading change you cannot have text selected, but to make a change in the speaker menu h=you have to select change.
        – Also when it refreshes it usually goes all the back to the top and kicks you out if your inputting text.
        Sure miss the Old Notes

        • Gaius Wilkinson says

          Found another one – When you hover over a hyperlinked Bible text in Sermon Editor a text window does not pop up, on the computer. Not sure about the iPad.

        • Gaius Wilkinson says

          No matter how you format your lesson in Word, InDesign, etc, when you paste it into Sermon Editor you lose all of your formatting. When you paste it into the new Notes you also lose all your formatting. The old Notes you could paste in from InDesign (and Word) and keep most of your formatting. I used to do that often. Sounds like we are struck with the word processing nightmare of Sermon Editor. bah humbug

          • Gaius, this is by design. Sermon Editor is intentionally simple in the way that text can be formatted, because it’s designed for one thing: writing a sermon manuscript, which is intended to be delivered orally with accompanying slide visuals. In order to create slides automatically for the main points of the sermon, they have to formatted as headers, so that the software knows they should be slides.

            Notes, however, is meant to be a more flexible tool — though far from a full word processor like Word or InDesign — and it’s still in active development. We’ve improved the paste behavior in Notes in the last few weeks; these improvements and others will be in 8.1, or you can try it now at app.logos.com.

          • Gaius Wilkinson says

            Is there any way to change my iPad from 8 back to 7? Obviously sermon editor (should be called “slide editor”) isn’t going to work for me and the new “notes” in 8 on the iPad is no longer usable for preaching and teaching. So how do I go back?

          • Karen Engle says

            Hi Gaius,
            Thanks for contacting us. There is not a way to go from 8 to 7. I would encourage you to call customer service and perhaps they can help at 800-875-6467
            or +1 360-527-1700″

  3. I have the same problem as Gaius. In addition, I am very distressed that I no longer have a format for outlining books that I read, since you took that away and have no intention of providing that capability.

    It was also a great blank, “sheet of paper” for placing thoughts for academic papers etc. Currently there is no format for a blank sheet of paper.

    • >no longer have a format for outlining books that I read

      EJ, can you elaborate? What do you mean by this?

      • I. Outlining
        A. Each sub level is indented for immediate recognition
        1. Tabbing if you will to indent 3-5 spaces.
        B. Provides immediate visual identity & classifications
        II. New topic


  4. Michael Mattox says

    How do I import my notes from Accordance and have them tied to verses as they are now in Accordance?