This Year, Black Friday Is All Week: Save 40%

We couldn’t wait for Friday to share these deals.

So this year, Black Friday lasts all week!

Browse the sale and save all week long on Lexham print bundles including:

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Print Bundle (EEC) (8 vols.) – 40% off
The eight-volume Evangelical Exegetical Commentary print bundle includes all eight print volumes that have been released so far. The EEC incorporates the latest critical biblical scholarship written from a distinctly evangelical perspective. Like the Word Biblical Commentary and the Baker Exegetical Commentary, the EEC is written by a team of expert biblical scholars and is the next standard commentary on the entire Bible for evangelicals.

The Lexham Methods Series Collection (4 vols.) – 40% off
The Lexham Methods Series is designed for exegetes who need to learn, refresh, and master the tools of biblical scholarship. Each volume is a handbook for self-study and deeper research, and the foundation for sharing with others through professionally designed slides. Included in this series:

Each volume presents scholarly information in an easy-to-understand format and focuses on cutting-edge methods for biblical interpretation while avoiding jargon.

High Definition Commentary Collection (3 vols.) – 40% off
Not only do the High Definition Commentaries provide discourse-based analysis, but they also feature custom-designed slides to use in your teaching. Each slide is tailored to illustrate the key ideas of the passage. In the print edition, these slides are rendered in full color, making each commentary a beautiful and insightful resource. Drawing on the insights provided in the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament (6 vols.), these discourse commentaries help you identify the authorial intent by examining the linguistic and literary clues in the text.


Don’t miss your chance to expand your library and save 40%. In addition, all print orders from Lexham Press receive free shipping in the United States! The Lexham Black Friday sale lasts all week but ends at midnight on November 25.

Get your deals now.


  1. I feel disenfranchised! First, Logos 8 is way beyond my means. Secondly, the emphases in your emails is of little value to those of us with the “ancient Logos” programs. Possibly, you have just lost me as a new customer. Solution? Make 8 affordable to 7 users. Don’t forget those of us who are retired, but still love to study the Bible.

    • Karen Engle says:

      Hi Reverend Meadows,
      Thank you for taking the time to post your frustration. We take feedback seriously, and I will make sure to forward your comment along to the team. I would also encourage you to reach out to our sales team that will be able to answer questions and clarify any potential misunderstanding about affordability. 888-875-9491 +1 360-685-4437