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Mobile Ed: CS121 Cultural Engagement and Scripture (4 hour course) – 90% off
How should Christians engage with the world? It’s certainly not getting easier to live out the gospel in everyday life. In this four-hour course, Dr. Darrell Bock guides you through cultural engagement and Scripture and asks Christians to analyze the cultures that they live in and the ways they structure their lives.

New International Commentary on the Old and New Testaments (NICOT/NICNT) (51 vols.) – 40% off
Bask in the fresh light that this commentary series casts on ancient yet familiar biblical texts. The contributors leverage their expertise to illumine our understanding of the Old and New Testaments. With Logos, the NICOT and the NICNT will integrate into the Passage Guide. Whenever you enter your passage and click go, results from the NICOT and the NICNT will appear on the text you’re studying. This gives you instant access to exactly what you’re looking for—in far less time than it would take you to walk over to the bookshelf and begin flipping through a print volume, let alone find the information you need.

NIV Faithlife Illustrated Study Bible – $29.99 (40% off)
The NIV Faithlife Illustrated Study Bible includes over 100 full-color infographics, comprehensive timelines, and informative tables to enrich your Bible study. These visually stunning graphics bring the ancient world—and the Bible—to life.

  • Three detailed life-of-Jesus event timelines chronicle his infancy and early ministry, the journey to Jerusalem, and the passion and resurrection
  • 27 family trees and people diagrams illustrate the interconnectedness of key characters in Scripture
  • 14 original color maps at the back of the Bible provide historical and geographical context for key events of the Old and New Testaments

Bible Study Magazine, 1-year subscription – $5.99 (70% off)
Expand your study of the Bible, and discover new insights from God’s Word. Read pastor profiles, author interviews, and stories of individuals whose thoughtful engagement with Scripture has shaped their thinking and defined their ministries. Bible Study Magazine reveals the impact of God’s Word on their lives and the power of Scripture in yours. Each issue of Bible Study Magazine features Bible study tips and insights, news in biblical research, and wisdom from the early Church.


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