I Already Have Logos. Is Upgrading Just Buying It Again?

If you’ve invested in previous versions of Logos, you may look at Logos 8 and think, “Why would I pay for something I already have?”

The short answer is, you wouldn’t. And you won’t.

This post is about Dynamic Pricing, and why it means:

  1. You never pay for Logos features and resources you already own
  2. Upgrading to Logos 8 will cost less than you may think

Plus, because of our limited-time 25% discount on first-time complete upgrades, now is especially good time to upgrade.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dynamic Pricing as it pertains to upgrading to Logos 8.

How does Dynamic Pricing work?

Your dynamic price is a custom price based on the resources and features you already own.

So, for example, if you own Logos 6 Silver and want to invest in Logos 8 Silver, it will cost less than if you’re brand new to Logos.

That’s because with Dynamic Pricing, you don’t pay twice for what you already own.

If you already own features or resources in a Logos product, the price adjusts so you only pay for what you don’t own in that product.

When you’re logged in to Logos.com and looking at a product—like a Logos 8 base package—you see a custom price based on what’s already in your library and your software.

You don’t just get books at a dynamic price, you get Logos features at a dynamic price, too. So if you own pre-Logos 8 features like Psalms Explorer, Cultural Concepts, and Timeline, you’ll see a dynamic price on Logos 8 complete upgrades or feature upgrades that include those features.

And if you decide to just get a feature upgrade, you’ll get a dynamic price on that, too.

With Dynamic Pricing, you enhance—not replace—your existing library and software in the most cost-effective way.

See your dynamic price on a personalized base package recommendation.

And remember, right now you can get a 25% discount on your first Logos 8 complete upgrade. So you’ll see 25% off the regular price, and you’ll see further adjustments based on what you already own (Dynamic Pricing).

Is Dynamic Pricing really the best deal?

Let’s look at some examples.

Here’s what the Logos 8 Gold page looks like in a few circumstances. Note that the 25% first-time upgrade discount is applied to the first two.

If you own Logos 6 silver, you see that the price drops by almost half:

If you own a Logos 7 Silver library and Logos 7 Full Feature set, the price drops by 60%:

If you don’t own a Logos base package, here’s how much Logos 8 Gold would cost today. The difference is substantial:

As you can see, Dynamic Pricing saves you money, no matter the level or version you already own.

But maybe you’re wondering, why go from Logos 6 Platinum to Logos 8 Gold? Isn’t that a downgrade? Nope! Your Logos 8 upgrade—whether features, resources, or both—gets added to what you already own, so you keep what you have and only get the tools and resources that are new to you.

How can I find my dynamic price for Logos 8 upgrades?

You can always see your dynamic price on Logos 8 by visiting Logos.com/get-8. Here’s what I see:

But if I want to see my other options, I can just click the little drop-down arrow. And no matter what level I’m looking at, I’ll always see how much I’m saving with my dynamic price.

See your dynamic price on a personalized base package recommendation.

Have more questions?

If you want help understanding Dynamic Pricing, read about it or call us at 888-885-9491.

And if you want more help deciding which complete upgrade or feature upgrade is right for you, I recommend either (or both) of these options:

  • Call our resource experts at 800-875-6467. We’ll talk with you about how you want to use Logos, then point you in the right direction.
  • Take this quiz. Answer a few questions about your needs and preferences, then see the best Logos 8 package for you.   

The beauty of upgrading in Logos is that you don’t pay for the same books or features twice—all your upgrades are cumulative. You are adding, not replacing.


See your dynamic price on a personalized base package recommendation.


  1. I’m still stuck on Logos 5 and I’d like to upgrade. But I’m having a difficult time pulling the trigger.

    It would sure help for Libronix to have a roadmap. Are you going to be releasing new version every year now?

    And I’m just not buying this statement: But maybe you’re wondering, why go from Logos 6 Platinum to Logos 8 Gold? Isn’t that a downgrade? Nope!

    If I have Windows 7 Professional and upgrade to Windows 10 Home – that is a downgrade. I’m having a difficult time understanding how the equivalent wouldn’t be true with Logos.

    • Hi Jeff, not a Faithlife employee but a long-time active Logos user and forum MVP. I’ve seen all upgrades from L4 onward and maybe can give some answers to your questions.
      – There is a roadmap, and as far as communicated, it looks like a major release happens every two years. Minor releases come every six weeks. Since the Logos software itself is free (okay, some months to go now until this is the case for Logos 8, but you could upgrade to Logos 7 today for free), it is advisable to keep current for bug fixes, functionality updates and enhancements – and security updates. Logos 5 is lacking the latter and should not be able to communicate with Logos servers since earlier this month.
      – When you do an upgrade of Windows, you replace one version with the other. That may mean to lose parts of the software. A Logos upgrade always adds. As the post explains, you will get additional books, but keep the ones you already had. Same for Features. In fact, you can’t see in the library where you got a book from, whether it was part of a base package or not. I think Logos 5 still shows the highest base package level you bought – this information is practically meaningless and no longer shown in Logos 8.

      • Matthew Boffey says

        Thanks for jumping in, NB.Mick.

        Jeff, NB.Mick is right—your Logos investments are cumulative. When you upgrade, you add, not replace.

        Hope that helps! If you have more questions, feel free to speak with us however it’s convenient for you: https://www.logos.com/contact.

  2. I have Logos 7 (I think) and I never use all its features. I would like an upgrade, but know not what is best for me.
    Is there a resource that can teach me how to get the best of the system.
    Remember i am old and not very good with these new technology. I need help.

  3. I have Logos 7 (Do not know which one) I want to up grade to 8, which do you suggest and what the cost will be.

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi there, Patrick
      I’d suggest giving customer service a call. They can help to answer your questions and give you the cost. There numbers are: 800-875-6467
      +1 360-527-1700 Hope this helps!