4 Myths about Logos and the Truth about Upgrading

Are you a current Logos user thinking about upgrading to Logos 8? As with every buying decision, there’s lots to consider, and no two customers are perfectly alike.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need, so in this post we’ve pulled together common concerns we’ve heard from customers in your situation.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask us in the comments and a Faithlife employee will help you out.

Myth #1: If I get a Logos 8 package, it will replace my current Logos package.

The beauty of Logos packages is that they stack. So if you own Logos 6 and get Logos 8, your new books and features don’t replace what you currently have, they add to it. When you purchased a base package, it was just that: a base. Everything you get from now on—including an upgrade to Logos 8—adds to that base.

Myth #2: I have to buy more books to upgrade.

When you bought your first Logos package, you got a digital library and a set of Logos features. If you’re like some customers, you may be perfectly happy with the books you already have in your Logos library. Now that Logos 8 upgrades are available, you may be wondering, “Do I really want to invest in more books?”

The truth is, you can upgrade without investing in new books.

There are two type of Logos 8 upgrades: a complete upgrade and a feature upgrade. A complete upgrade includes books and features that will be added to your base package. A feature upgrade just includes the features. So if you want to upgrade to Logos 8 without adding new books to your library, this is the choice for you.

Learn more about feature upgrades.

Myth #3: I feel like I’m barely tapping into what my current package can do. Getting new features would be a waste.

We know that Logos is packed with features and that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why when we made Logos 8, we challenged ourselves to make it the easiest-to-use version of Logos yet. As one Logos upgrader put it, “Logos 8’s new Workflows build the study process step-by-step, making the power of Logos accessible to everyone, even those new to studying the Bible.”

With Workflows, you just choose the type of study you need to do—like devotions or a word study or sermon prep—and Logos gives you clear step-by-step instructions. It’s not just for beginners, either. For example, there’s an in-depth passage exegesis workflow that will help you do truly detailed study that would make a seminary prof proud.

And best of all, Workflows show you which books and tools to use at each step. It’s a great way to make use of the features you currently have and the new stuff you get when you upgrade to Logos 8.

Myth #4: If I get a “lower package” it’s a downgrade.

Let’s say you own Logos 7 Platinum. If you get Logos 8 Gold, isn’t that a step down?


As described above, an upgrade adds to what you currently own. Think of it like adding another wing to your virtual library. You could make a large addition or a small one, but whichever you choose, you get more books and more features.

That means you have lots of upgrade options to choose from, no matter your budget. And thanks to Dynamic Pricing, you’ll only pay for what’s new to you. You literally could save hundreds of dollars on your upgrade because of it.

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments and we’ll give you the information you need. And consider taking this quick quiz to get a personalized Logos recommendation.


  1. Gerard Gary DeSanto says

    I do have questions concerning upgrading to 8. But I did notice that in Logos 7 – the option to work off-line doesn’t seem to be there now. I live in an area where the internet is not alway available and also I work at Starbuck where I don’t; want to expose my Mac to the general unsecured WiFi. Working off-line preserves my battery life and leaves me the option of not using the internet when it is not in my best interest. Did you take away the option of working off-line and WHY?
    Thanks, Gerard DeSanto

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Gerard. You can totally work offline in Logos 7 and Logos 8. Sorry you missed that! Just go to Program Settings > Use Internet and select “No”

      On a Mac, I find it easiest to access that menu by going to “Logos” next to the apple icon in the top menu. Then go to “Preferences” and follow the instructions above. You can also access it under Tools > Utilities > Program Settings.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

  2. Did you guys say in the beginning that you wouldn’t have to pay for upgrades to the software, only for new content? Guess you changed your minds.

    Also, every subsequent version of this software runs slower than the one before it. Logos 6 barely runs at all. Logos 7 about killed by computer. I wish I had never left Libronix. Are downgrades possible?

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Chris. We do give free updates that ensure you can continue to run Logos on any computer or operating system. The free update is currently included in Logos 7 Basic, and another free update is coming with the release of Logos 8 Basic in early 2019. If you’re having trouble running Logos, verify that your machine meets the system requirements. If you’re unhappy with your current version, give customer service a call and they’ll fill you in on what’s possible: 800-875-6467

  3. I have Logos 7 and indexing never gets beyond 7% completion. Therefore searching is never a really good option. What are the indexing issues with Logos 8? Can I expect the same or better search results? Are the indexing issues completely resolved in Logos 8?
    Jack Walker

  4. Brian Highsted says

    I have been a Logos customer for 25 yrs and upgraded every time one is released. I’m having second thoughts about this one, Logos 8. It appears the interlinear button has been removed therefore the reverse interlinear ribbon across the bottom of the page of a number of Bibles is no longer. I use that ribbon interlinear often, it is a real advantage for me. The layouts function appears to be removed also. Hmm. Maybe I am reading the trial app. incorrectly, however I couldn’t find those functions.

  5. Tony Boomhower says

    Hi guys. Thinking of upgrading and just wondering if there is a side by side comparison for standard/Baptist to see what differences in books there is.


  6. I’m definitely looking seriously at the Logos 8 upgrade. Thank you for all your hard work on it, especially your efforts to make it easier to find and use information!

    I want to echo some of the concerns shared above about performance. This is one of the biggest issues I’ve had with Logos 7 (and Logos 6 for that matter). Performance needs to be a new focal point for the Logos development team. It’s easy to say, “check the system requirements document”, especially to folks that may not be tech-savvy. They’re likely to blame themselves or their systems. (I manage software development teams, so I know something about this.) I think more should be done to improve perceived performance.

    For the record, I’m running a Windows 10 system with an Intel i7-7700K CPU, 32GB of RAM, and multiple SSD drives (splitting between OS and Logos content). And yet I still consider performance to be poor, even on a workhorse such as this. Please encourage the team to put performance closer to the top of the feature list.

    Thank you again. I look forward to some of the performance improvements in Logos 8, and look forward to more!

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Jason,
      Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns. We take our customer’s suggestions seriously and I’ll make sure to pass the information on to our team.

    • Hi Jason,

      I may have misunderstood you, but in the description of your configuration, you stated:

      “For the record, I’m running a Windows 10 system with an Intel i7-7700K CPU, 32GB of RAM, and multiple SSD drives (splitting between OS and Logos content).’

      Your Core i7 7700K is a 4/8 Kaby Lake Intel CPU, running on an 1151 main board, on which you appear to have loaded the max of 4 memory slots with 8GB of DDR4 RAM each.

      That build, with a single SATA3 SSD is more than enough to have Logos 7 flying, and version 8 would run much faster.

      That being said, your statement regarding “multiple SSD drives,” is making me think you installed the OS on single SSD and (although unusual) are using another SSD for data. I say “unusual” since most who still configure a build that way, use the SSD for their boot drive and a large HDD for Data.

      Let me know if I am correct:

      1. You installed the Logos App and resources, on the Data SSD.

      2. Or, you installed the Logos App on your boot drive, and directed the Logos folder (which is where indexing takes place and all your resources reside), to the data SSD.

      The folder which is normally is found here:


      Is here:


      with the App on the C:\ drive, or everything on the D:\ drive.

      If that’s your situation, let me know, I have a quick fix. If I guessed wrong, then please let me know what you mean by:
      “multiple SSD drives (splitting between OS and Logos content). ”



  7. Hi there, just a question with regards to this statement above – “Workflows show you which books and tools to use at each step.”
    Is it possible to have a recommended list from you guys of all the resources you would need to take full advantage of all the different workflows? In order to know what books to prioritize when buying Logos resources.

    • Hi, Kevin. Good question. The cool thing about Workflows is that they work with whatever is in your library. When you create a workflow on a specific passage or subject—let’s say Ephesians 6—the Workflow walks you through the steps and surfaces excerpts from resources relevant to that specific subject. So there’s not really a recommended list of books to get. It’s designed to help you find insights from the books you already have. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Tyler, Thanks for the reply, its good to know that workflows make use of the books you already own. Thanks for the great service, Im excited to learn more about the new features in Logos 8 and perfectly happy with my upgrade to Logos 8.

  8. Laura Dominick says

    I just want to say thank you for your great customer service! I had questions about upgrading similar to what you covered here. It was before this blog so I called customer service and they were wonderful! I am VERY happy with my upgrade to Logos 8 and am currently going through the new course “What’s New in Logos 8” at MPSeminarsOnline. I bought the Logos 4 Portfolio Edition in 2011 and have been so happy with Logos – it is an awesome Bible study tool! Thanks, again, and keep up the great work!

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Laura,
      Thank you for the encouragement, and we are glad you had such a great experience with our customer service team.

  9. Dr. Danley M. Reed says

    I upgraded to Logos 8 and found a lot of videos to help one learn how best use the full features of Logos 8. Then one day they all disappeared. Can I get them back? Or is there a way to find all of them?

    • Hi, Dr. Reed. I just chatted with the team and it turns out this is the result of a bug. We’re working on getting it fixed by the end of the week. Meanwhile, you can check out all of our Logos 8 training videos at this url: https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000675231

      Is that what you’re looking for? I can do some more digging if that doesn’t answer your question.

  10. Hi.
    I have the Logos 8 upgrade and am getting used to the new layout. It seems to be working well on my mac. But on my Ipad pro it is not working well. It is very slow and offline it doesn’t work at all. I can’t even go to another scripture reference in a book that is downloaded. Can you help?

  11. Dear Tyler,
    Could you please clarify the answer to Brian’s question about reverse interlinears? Are the reverse interlinears still there for all the translations that could use them in Logos 7?
    And a comment on speed. I have a very mediocre laptop, running Windows 10, with an older i5-6200 CPU and 8 GB of memory. And I find Logos to be very acceptably fast in most things. And I use Logos heavily every day. On iOS I would agree, for iPads and iPhones.
    Thanks for your help, Tyler! :)

  12. Paul A Birmingham says

    I’ve been a Logos user since Libronix 2.0 and have always delighted in each new version. Not this time. I don’t find 8.0 easier than 7.0., at least not for my purposes. It seems less intuitive, with so many features and functions hidden away in obscure places. I find the Dashboard more irritating than helpful; the Explore section seems chaotic and contains so many repetitions. I greatly miss the log of recent updates/upgrades and the direct link to my account, both of which appeared in the upper right corner of the Home Page on 7.0. Nevertheless, I soldier on, hopeful refinements will come along in due course.

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear you are frustrated. We take customer feedback seriously and will make sure to pass your concerns along to the team. Best, Karen

      • I’m also very disappointed in the Dashboard (or more properly – the advertising page). I also miss the reference to what has been added. I do not like that I appear to be unable to change the main screen. Why do I have to be inundated with what you want to sell?

    • I also miss the log of recent updates and the link direct to my account. That was one of the first things I noticed in the new interface. Not sure I like the new home page either. Carla

  13. Santiago Rodriguez says

    I have a top of the line Dell XPS laptop. And the Logos 7 software still LAGS. It is very frustrating. Please make the program perform FASTER ASAP. This should be at the very top of your reasons to upgrade list.

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Santiago, That’s no good! You might want to take a look at the system requirements to make sure your computer/operating system is capable of running Logos. If your machine meets the system requirements, there’s no reason it shouldn’t get to 100%. Give us a call and we’ll figure out what’s going on: 800-875-6467.

  14. Charlie Forrest says

    Is there an icon or plug in to work with MS Word or other word processors so that if we write a verse reference in the document Logos can then paste the reference directly into the document, also be able to paste Hebrew or Greek text directly?
    Other Bible programs such as PC Bible by Biblesoft have this and it is very useful

    I now have version 8 and was hoping it would integrate better with other programs

    • Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for commenting, Charlie. You can copy Greek/Hebrew from Logos in a number of ways: using Cmd-C, highlighting text, right-clicking and select copy, or using the copy bible verses tool. But the verse will not appear when typing a reference in MS Word.

      We do take customer feedback seriously and I’ll make sure to pass this along to the team! Thanks again.

      • Charlie Forrest says

        Thanks for the reply, I know you can do it the way you suggested but it is a slow clumsy way of doing it, especially if you are working in a Word document. Having to switch between programs and go through several different steps. Also, when pasting it does not format the text to the document layout, this is a big negative for me in Logos.

        In PC Bible once the program is open, in the word document you just select the reference you have typed and then the icon and the text is pasted according to your desired bible version and formatted to your layout in the document. They have had this for many years.

        It seems that Logos is good within its own program but bad when integrating with other programs.

        As to the speed issue, yes there is a problem. I have 3 computers and I am using version 8, and sometimes it goes very slow. You click on something and just get the spinning circle for a while. All my computers are high spec, i7s with plenty of ram. there is a problem.