Save 30% on IVP Collections This October

The modern Church has a lot to learn from ancient Christianity. Sure, some Christians may still recite the creeds or read Augustine, but there’s far more we could glean by reading more from the Early Church Fathers.

Returning to writings from the ancient Church shows us how pastors and theologians throughout history have responded to theological controversies—many of which we’re still dealing with today.

With that in mind, we’ve got some great ancient and modern texts for you in October’s Publisher Spotlight. This month only, you’ll save 30% on these InterVarsity Press (IVP) resources and more:

Ancient Christian Texts Collection (15 vols.) — now $531.99
Discover the wisdom of the early Church with these commentaries and homilies from the Venerable Bede, Origen, Jerome, and Ambrosiaster, among others. These volumes feature recent translations from Greek and Latin, making them accessible and valuable to today’s readers.

One volume from this collection has been so respected throughout the years that a translator included a story about it in the book’s introduction. According to James Kellerman, Thomas Aquinas found the Incomplete Commentary on Matthew so valuable that upon approaching the city of Paris he sighed and stated that he would rather have the complete Incomplete Commentary on Matthew than to be mayor of Paris itself.

When you add the Ancient Christian Texts Collection (15 vols.), you’ll get the kind of commentary that Church leaders like Aquinas relied upon on in their pastoral endeavors.

Ancient Christian Reference Collection (55 vols.) — now $909.99
Ready to tap into an even bigger wealth of early Church insights? Pick up this enormous 55-volume collection for 30% off. You’ll gain the Ancient Christian Texts Collection (15 vols.), plus another 40 volumes of commentaries, reference works, and more.

Eugene Peterson, author of The Message and A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, writes about one of the sets in this collection: “Chronological snobbery—the assumption that our ancestors working without benefit of computers have nothing to teach us—is exposed as nonsense by this magnificent new series. Surfeited with knowledge but starved of wisdom, many of us are more than ready to sit at the table with our ancestors and listen to their holy conversations on Scripture. I know I am.”

IVP Spectrum Series (21 vols.) — now $174.99
What do you believe about baptism? Or free will? Or the problem of evil?

This 21-volume series from IVP helps you navigate tough topics by including thoughtful analysis from scholars who hold different beliefs. Each volume covers a different topic and offers views from a variety of Christian traditions, including Reformed, Pentecostal, Baptist, Lutheran, and Catholic.

Theologians who contributed to the series include Sinclair Ferguson, Craig Blomberg, William Lane Craig, and many more.

Check out these ancient and modern IVP resources and more, now 30% off during October’s Publisher Spotlight!