Meditate on Scripture with Ancient Church Leaders

October’s free book is Ancient Christian Devotionals: Lectionary Cycle A, a 52-week devotional compiled from writings of early church leaders.

Also on sale this month: Ancient Christian Devotionals: Lectionary Cycle B for $2.99 and Lectionary Cycle C for $3.99. Taken together, you get three years worth of lectionary readings from early church leaders, which you can use to craft your liturgy or to reflect on Scripture.

Each lectionary cycle offers 52 weekly readings. Every week focuses on a different theme throughout God’s Word and early Christian writing. The readings follow this outline:

  • Theme
  • Opening Prayer
  • Old Testament Reading, then Reflections from the Church Fathers
  • Psalm of Response
  • New Testament Reading, then Reflections from the Church Fathers
  • Gospel Reading, then Reflections from the Church Fathers
  • Closing Prayer

For example, the lectionary entry for December 4–10 traces the theme of Christ’s promised coming through Scripture and early church fathers’ writings. This week’s entry includes these historical and biblical references:

  • Prayers related to God’s immanence written by Ambrose and Augustine
  • Readings from Isaiah, Psalms, Romans, and Matthew on the promised Savior, now fulfilled
  • Succinct meditations about how we ought to respond to Christ’s coming by Bede, Justin Martyr, Cyril of Alexandria, and more

Save even more by getting the entire collection for $4.99.


These deals are only good during October, so stock up while you can. Get the first book for free now.

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