Bring Your Sermons to Life with These Massive Collections

What was the secret of Spurgeon’s most powerful sermons? While the Holy Spirit is the source of true power behind any preacher’s sermon, there’s a craft to sermon writing—and Spurgeon mastered it. And more than anything else, Spurgeon mastered the art of the perfectly placed and eloquently delivered illustration.

With The Biblical Illustrator Collections for the Old Testament (28 vols.) and New Testament (30 vols.)—both currently on Community Pricing—you’ll glean verse-by-verse insights from respected preachers such as Augustine, J.C. Ryle, Charles Spurgeon, and D.L. Moody.

The collections together:

  • Cover the entire Bible
  • Provide commentary, illustrations, application, and outline suggestions
  • Include contributions from celebrated preachers and theologians from throughout church history

Plus, when you add these to your Logos library, you’ll be able to consult The Biblical Illustrator alongside your preferred Bible translation and other commentaries while writing your sermon using the Sermon Editor. Open Logos’ Sermon Starter Guide or the Passage Guide to find sermon outlines, supporting quotes, or illustration ideas from The Biblical Illustrator and other Logos resources. Or use Logos’ in-depth search to find correlating ideas or illustrations on the passage or topic you’re studying.

These resources are on Community Pricing, so you can place a bid for what you’d like to pay for the Old Testament and New Testament collections. With Community Pricing, your bids tell us what you want to become a new resource in Logos, and when your favorite resources get fully funded, you get a great deal on classic works. Learn more about how Community Pricing works here.

Place your Community Pricing bid on The Biblical Illustrator: Old Testament Collection (28 vols.) and The Biblical Illustrator: New Testament Collection (30 vols.), and save when these come out!