Major Sales Happening Now at Logos: A Guide

Logos puts resources on sale every month, but some months are better than others.

This is one of those months.

We’re offering a rare discount on the 30-vol. C.S. Lewis Collection, running a library expansion opportunity, and giving away a Walter Kaiser Jr. book—all on top of other sales.

Here’s a guide to all the goodies.

I start with the lowest hanging fruit, explain why some sales are uniquely good deals, and highlight a couple resources from our recurring sales that are especially worth checking out.  

1. Free Walter Kaiser book

Start here.

Walter Kaiser Jr. is a distinguished Old Testament scholar, and Preaching and Teaching the Last Things finds him in his wheelhouse.

When you go to get your free book, you can also scoop up two others by him for $3 and $4. Usually, the three would cost over $71.

Boom—3 books for $7, and you’re just getting started.

2. Library Expansion sale

When it comes to savings in Logos, the name of the game is bundling. That’s the whole concept behind our Library Expansion Sale, and it’s why I say stop here second.

Every book is already discounted just by being bundled. Then we layer on additional savings—and the bigger the bundle, the higher the savings (up to 50%). Plus, each bundle is focused on a specific biblical topic, like Greek Studies, Preaching, or Pastoral Counseling. So you get just the books that interest you.

And as always, Dynamic Pricing applies, so you never pay for what you already own.

Think of it like adding a whole shelf to your digital library—but you get to pick the size and scope. This sale is the most bang for your buck, so get it while it lasts.

3. 30-vol. C.S. Lewis Collection

Every once in a while, for a variety of reasons, we’re able to offer a rare discount on a resource we normally can’t.

This is one of those times.

For just one more week, you can get the C.S. Lewis Collection (30 vols.) for 30% off—plus Logos Basic to go with it.

If you are a C.S. Lewis fan, chances are you already own some of these books in print. So why get them again?

Two reasons:

First, having these books in Logos is like studying the Bible (or Church history, theology, etc.) with a Lewis scholar sitting nearby to say, “Oh, there’s a great C.S. Lewis quote on that.” Every resource in Logos is interconnected to reveal relevant insights from your library, right when you need them.

Second, it saves you from forgetting all the treasures you find in Lewis’ works. I can’t tell you how many underlines, highlights, and aha moments I have scribbled in a C.S. Lewis book somewhere that I may never see again.

In Logos, the opposite happens. All your notes and highlights stay with you—even on mobile—so with a simple search, you can return to them in seconds. Plus, with a few clicks, you can turn quotes into shareable images or copy-and-paste them into a sermon.

Get the C.S. Lewis Collection for 30% off (or more, with Dynamic Pricing).

4. Recurring sales

Lastly, check out our recurring sales, like the Monthly Sale and the Publisher Spotlight sale.

This month, we’re offering 30% off many Baker resources. A lot of people are talking about the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, and for good reason.

Another one people should be talking about, if they aren’t, is the Walter A. Elwell Reference Collection (8 vol.). Those books are in virtually every seminary library for a reason.

There you have it—the best ways to save this month, listed for you. Now go forth and save. Then study.