Highlights from Our Books of the Bible Sale

Curious what the most-read books of the Bible are?

We did some research and came up with this list—then handpicked resources to help you know each book better. (We also did that for every book of the Bible.)

Plus, for a limited time you can get many of those resources for 40% off.

Our picks range from scholarly works to more lay-level ones, so you can find the resources that work best for you (or maybe for a Bible study you’re leading). 

Here are some highlights.

The Book of Psalms

The Church’s first and only inspired hymnal, Psalms is a wonderful book to study. Browse these resources to learn how all 151 psalms fit together, how to spot the different kinds of psalms in the book, and how to teach and preach the psalms to others:

Browse Psalm resources.

The Book of John

Many people love the Gospel of John for its unique rendering of Jesus’ life and ministry. Browse a course and several commentaries on the book of John, including John Verse by Verse by renowned Gospels scholar Grant Osborne.

Browse John resources.

Two series to watch for

As you browse the select catalog, look for resources in the Not Your Average Bible Study and Lexham Bible Guide series:

  • Lexham Bible Guide Ideal for research and sermon prep. Your starting point for study and research, these guides survey all the relevant literature on a passage and condense the most important findings for you. They summarize broad ranges of views on a particular passage—views you may or may not agree with, but in all cases, views you will encounter as you critically study the text. The guides are complete introductions to each literary unit in the Bible, bringing new thoroughness to your research.
  • Not Your Average Bible Study Ideal for personal devotions or small group studies. Each volume in this series guides you step-by-step through Scripture, helping you discover powerful insights as you move through the text. They also feature discussion and reflection questions, specific prayer suggestions, and ideas for further study, making them ideal for small group curriculum or to share with people just starting to study the Bible for themselves.

Right now, all titles in these series are 40% off, along with many other resources from Lexham Press and Mobile Ed.

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