Can You Tell Fact from Fiction When It Comes to Angels?

If you think angels look like diapered babies with a bow and arrow, think again.

Michael S. Heiser’s new book, Angels, seeks to provide biblical answers for common questions about God’s heavenly host. He addresses topics including what angels look like, what they do, and whether modern thinking about guardian angels is biblical.

Take this fun 12-question quiz to see if what you know about angels matches what the Bible really teaches, then share your score in the comments.

And once you’ve finished the quiz, pick up Angels—available now from Lexham Press!



  1. Dr. Heiser’s answer to the final question is incorrect. The passage he cites for the reconciliation of fallen angels does not apply, they are neither in heaven or on earth but are in hell in darkness and chains awaiting final judgement according to 2 Pet 2:4.