The C.S. Lewis Sale Is Soon Returning to the Wardrobe

Dear reader,

You’ll forgive me for a rather silly, on-the-nose way of telling you my sale is ending soon.

And it’s not my sale, of course (by the way, isn’t ‘sale’ a ho-hum word? How about ‘party’ or ‘rollick’?) but rather one on things I wrote long ago.

It doesn’t contain all I’ve ever written, but a good deal of works people seem to quite enjoy, such as:

  • Mere Christianity
  • The Screwtape Letters
  • A Grief Observed

It also has some works people know little about but that I spent quite a lot of time on, such as:

  • Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature (I was a professor, after all)
  • My Collected Letters
  • Christian Reflections

(Isn’t it funny how many hours of one’s life can go unnoticed, especially when those hours were given to the things and people they cared most about? I’m speaking here of my letters, mostly.)

All that to say, these are my offerings, and Logos is currently offering my offerings for 30% off—until midnight Monday, they tell me.

They also tell me these works all interconnect somehow, and that you can read them without really reading them yourself. You just look up a Bible passage or topic in the “computer,” and if I ever wrote anything helpful on it, my words will suddenly appear. Sounds like something from the White Witch, but they assure me it’s deeper magic.




Thank you for joining us for the C.S. Lewis week. You can get the 30-vol. C.S. Lewis Collection 30% off until midnight on Monday, Sept. 24.


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