50 Ways to Save over the Next 3 Days

September’s monthly sale is your chance to save up to 44% on 50 fantastic resources.

Here are a few you may find especially helpful:

Focus on the Bible Commentaries (41 vols.) — now $240.01, 41% off

This 41-volume collection includes chapter-by-chapter commentary on nearly all the Bible. This set contains Dale Ralph Davis’ respected commentaries on Joshua and Judges, both ranked by BestCommentaries.com in the top four for each book. Get this commentary set for over 40% off while you can!

Fortress Press Homiletics Collection (13 vols.) — now $97.99, 34% off

In the Fortress Press Homiletics Collection, you’ll get 13 volumes of resources on a variety of topics designed to help you preach more effectively. This set contains guides to preaching certain books of the Bible, as well as titles on the mechanics of preaching such as Preaching Parables to Postmoderns and Envisioning the Word: The Use of Visual Images in Preaching.

Getting to Know Jesus Bible Study — now $64.99, 35% off

Could you or the people you lead accurately answer someone who asked you about Jesus and what he taught? The only way to know Jesus is to study the Bible. In Getting to Know Jesus, you get 160 creative and practical lessons and class structure suggestions to help people participate in a dynamic, personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Second Temple Period Collection (19 vols.) — now $132.99, 40% off

The Second Temple Period Collection (19 vols.) offers a window into the time period of the same name (roughly 515 B.C. to A.D. 70). This period of time covers both the span between the Old and New Testaments and the time during which nearly all the New Testament events took place. Learn more about the cultural and historical background to the New Testament with this 19 volume collection.

Introduction to New Testament Greek — now $64.99, 35% off

Whether you’ve never studied Greek or you’re too rusty to dive straight in, this instructive resource from Dr. Charles Goodwin and W. David McBrayer can help you get started. Through simple step-by-step lessons, you can pick up the skills you need to start studying New Testament Greek.

Take a look at the other resources on sale in September, and save while you can!