3 Tips for the Library Expansion Sale

This month we’re rolling out topic-focused library expansions and discounting them between 20–50%.

The savings are huge, and the options are many.

It could feel like a lot to take in, but with these simple tips you can navigate the opportunity in a way that meets your needs and will make you feel like you made a wise, kingdom-focused investment.

1. Know your game plan.

Before stepping onto the sale page, ask yourself, “What does my library need right now?” or “What topics have I been meaning to study more?”

There are lot of options—and that’s on purpose. We wanted people to be able to get bundles focused on their needs.

So before you step in, take a minute to think through your life and ministry and what you need most right now. Then step in and look at the main categories, and you’re off to a smart start.

2. Look at the individual product list.

This may seem obvious, but simply skimming the individual product lists in a bundle—and seeing their price if sold separately—really puts your savings in perspective.

For example, one product in the XL Apologetics Bundle is $99.99 on its own. You can get it and 105 other resources—including Select Works from William Lane Craig (normally $59.99)—for $164.99.

So just those two products nearly cover the cost of the bundle, and you’re still getting over 100 other resources.

(For truly astronomical numbers, note that all resources purchased individually would be  $2,178.79. I’m no mathematician, but that’s more than 92% off between bundled and sale pricing.)

3. Remember what resources in Logos mean.

When I browse used book sales, I often ask myself, “Will I really read this, or will it just sit on my shelf?” The answer is typically, “It won’t even sit on your shelf—it will hide in a box somewhere.”

In Logos, it’s a different question altogether. The question is, “Will this product give Logos more to work as I study?”

The answer is yes.

I may not read Hymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry cover to cover, but if I’m preaching through the Old Testament and want my hearers to appreciate ancient Egyptian cultic practices and values, a poem or hymn could bring that to life in a way a commentary quotation never could.

And I won’t have to read the book to find the quote. Logos pulls up that passage for me in literally seconds.

So when you read the titles, don’t ask, “Will I read this book?”

Ask, “Will the insights Logos finds when it reads this book in ten seconds help me understand the Bible (or theology or church history or how the Egyptians prayed to the sun god Ra)?”

(By the way, that title is in the Ancient Text and Translations, XL bundle)

Extra tip: Don’t miss the last bundle.

Way down at the very bottom of the page is the granddaddy of them all: The Master Library Expansion, XL.

A few stats to consider:

  • Contains 1,379 resources
  • Purchased individually, the resources would cost $28,810.74
  • Currently half off for $2,544.99

Again, you know what you need for your life, ministry, and interests.

But if you’ve been thinking for a while about majorly upgrading your library, now would be a good time.


This sale ends at the end of the month, so save now while you can.