3 Days, 21 Libraries, Thousands of Books

The Logos library expansion sale is a scholar’s dream, and it ends in three days.

It features 21 library expansions of four sizes each, so you can find just the right addition to your own library.

And all month long we’ve been offering these libraries up to 50% off, which means savings on savings.

Here’s a taste of several library expansions to help you envision what it would mean for your ministry and research if you added them to your library.

Master Bundle, XL

Highlights include:

  • Getting $28,000 worth of books for just over $2,500 (or less)
  • Adding a massive library to your collection with one click
  • Enhancing your life, studies, and ministry with works from nearly every discipline

The granddaddy of them all, this is the largest library expansion being offered. For the other packages, I’ll highlight certain resources, but the sheer volume and breadth of this list defies highlights. Browse the list yourself to discover your own highlights.

Bible Backgrounds, XL

Highlights include:

  • Archeology of the Land, vols. 1–3
  • Land of the Book, vols. 1–3
  • New Testament Background Commentary

Relevance for life and ministry:

Every page of the Bible is ancient history. This means we never graduate from the task of understanding its original context. Books in the Bible Backgrounds expansion help the world of the Bible, and thus the words of the Bible, seem less foreign to you—the first critical step in biblical interpretation.

Pastoral Care and Counseling, XL

Highlights include:

  • Pastoral Care Emergencies
  • Pastoral Visitation: A Pocket Manual
  • Weddings, Funerals, and Special Events (by Eugene Peterson and Calvin Miller)

Relevance for life and ministry:

Many things are above our heads, even for the most seasoned pastor. Having a gallery of resources to turn to is critical, especially when those resources speak to situations you’ve never encountered but are now pressing upon you. When tragedy strikes—and it will—you’ll have dozens of books to help you supply the guidance people expect from you.

Apologetics, XL

Highlights include:

  • Select Works of William Lane Craig
  • Studies on C.S. Lewis Collection (4 vols.)
  • Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics

Relevance for life and ministry:

We are called to be ready at any moment to give a defense for our faith. Whether we are a pastor, student, or business professional, knowing what we believe and why is critical for our own faith and for sharing the faith with others. This collection gives you critical works of apologetics to help you do so well.

Jewish Studies, XL

Highlights include:

  • Babylonian and Talmud Collection (50 vols.)
  • The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words and JPS Guide to Jewish Traditions
  • The Jewish Encyclopedia

Relevance for life and ministry:

The Christian faith is intimately tied to the Jewish faith, whatever your position on the relation between the two. These books help you enter into the world of the Old Testament, the history and thought of the Jewish people, and the great tradition of biblical interpretation carried on by Jewish scholars past and present.


Browse these and more library expansions, currently up to 50% off for just three days more. Sale ends Sep. 30 at midnight. 

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