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What does it mean to be human?

Mobile Ed: TH222 Theological Anthropology (14 hour course)
Reg Price $529.99, Projected Price $130

What is the distinction between mind, body, and soul? What is the biblical definition of gender? What does Scripture teach us about sexuality, race, and culture? Study the human person from a theological perspective and delve into the history of Christian thought on the subject with Wheaton College Professor of Theology Dr. Marc Cortez.

How can the Church engage the community?

Mobile Ed: MI255 Peace in the City: Alexis de Tocqueville and the Church in America (6 hour course)
Reg Price $219.99, Projected Price $35

What can the local church do to benefit its city? How do we get involved in our local communities? How do we engage the world? Gain insight into how the church can effectively speak into American culture through a surprising source: the writings of Alexis de Tocqueville— specifically his Democracy in America—with President of Providence Christian College Dr. Belcher.

How does the Old Testament fit together?

Mobile Ed: OT300 Old Testament Theology (16 hour course)
Reg Price $499.99, Projected Price $100

How do all the books of the Old Testament fit together to tell the overarching grand story of salvation? Immerse yourself in the narrative of the Old Testament with Professor Emeritus at Regent College Bruce Waltke. Go deeper into creation, the fall, God’s covenants with his people, and God’s great acts of redemption and deliverance, all in the light and context of the Incarnation.

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Do we really understand grace and baptism? (2 courses)

Mobile Ed: Jack W. Cottrell on Grace and Baptism
Reg Price $499.99, Projected Price $170

TH268—Doctrine of Grace
“Grace” is a word Christians use often. However, as a theological concept, it is often underdeveloped and misunderstood. Dr. Jack W. Cottrell guides you in an exploration of the attributes of grace in relation to the law, key passages of Scripture, and the contributions of historical figures who helped develop the doctrine of grace.

TH278—Doctrine of Baptism
Is baptism necessary for salvation? Should we baptize infants? Is immersion necessary, or is sprinkling enough? Explore the doctrine of baptism and the connection between baptism and salvation through an in-depth examination with Dr. Cottrell. Examine core principles for Christian baptism and then study key related Scripture passages. Learn historical perspectives on baptism and evaluate the practice of infant baptism.


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