Dig Deep with Diverse, Rigorous Theological Scholarship

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Eerdmans Theological Dictionary Bundle (TDOT/TDNT) (25 vols.) – 30% Off
Go far beyond mere definitions with two of the most extensive and useful Hebrew and Greek Bible dictionaries ever produced. Understand the meaning of every theologically significant word in Scripture. You’ll also be able to dig into the Greek and Hebrew cultural background of words and even their uses in extrabiblical literature.

Eerdmans Commentary Bundle (46 vols.) – 51% Off
Get 46 volumes from three top-rated, multi-volume commentaries in one affordable bundle. Combines the best individual volumes from the Two Horizons Commentary (18 vols.), Pillar New Testament Commentary (15 vols.), and New International Greek Testament Commentary (13 vols.). Each volume was selected for its excellent scholarship, exegesis, application, and reputation.

Eerdmans Biblical Studies (26 vols.) – 31% Off
Explore the sanctity of human life, homosexuality, marriage and divorce, Old and New Testament culture, overarching thematic elements in Scripture, the work and role of the Holy Spirit, the nature and character of God, and more. Use these studies to think biblically and critically through important contemporary issues, and apply them to a modern world.


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