Save Up to 40% on John Stott, Adrian Rogers, and More

Each new month ushers in a new Logos monthly sale with amazing deals on top resources. It’s a great way to get big savings on bundles, collections, and more from the theologians, preachers, and scholars you love.

Below are five of this month’s featured resources—but be sure to check out all of July’s discounts here.

John Stott Bible Studies Collection (10 vols.) – 25% Off
Hailed as the elder statesman of evangelical Christianity, John Stott was one of the most beloved and respected Bible teachers of his day. His commentaries have informed and inspired pastors and preachers around the globe. Using this Bible study series, you can explore Scripture side by side with John Stott—enhancing your own in-depth study with his insights gained from years of immersion in God’s Word.

Adrian Rogers Sermon Archive (1,925 sermons) – 22% Off
Adrian Rogers is one of the most recognized figures in Southern Baptist history and his sermons have touched the lives of millions around the globe through his radio and television programs. This archive includes over 1,900 sermons, covering 1972 to 2005. You can search through decades of Dr. Rogers’ sermons, exploring the meaning of Scripture alongside one of the most beloved preachers of the 20th century.

Mobile Ed: Ian Jones Biblical Counseling Bundle (2 courses) – 37% Off
Ian Jones offers over two decades of Christian counseling knowledge as he leads you in examining what Scripture says about human nature, biblical psychologies, and Scriptural views of human nature and the soul. Explore models of pastoral care and counseling while reviewing counseling issues you’re likely to face in your church or any counseling ministry you may have, including anxiety, depression, and suicide.

An Exegetical Commentary: Revelation (2 vols.) – 40% Off
Robert L. Thomas provides an in-depth, verse-by-verse analysis of Revelation in this two-volume commentary. Thomas not only concentrates on the various facets of literal/grammatical interpretation but also delivers on the main discussions of each verse in the Apocalypse. This work is an asset to academics, pastors and lay readers who want a broader exposure to various interpretations of the book of Revelation.

Journal of Biblical Counseling Collection – 33% Off
For nearly 30 years, the Journal of Biblical Counseling has provided a forum to develop the practice of biblical counseling. This collection includes recent journal volumes, 26-30. Filled with articles that faithfully bring God’s truth, mercy, and power to the issues faced by ministries of counseling and discipleship, these resources provide guidance and sage advice for professionals, pastors, and lay leaders.

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