Master the Basics in Biblical Languages, Theology, and More


This July you can save up to 40% as you deepen your walk through interactive Mobile Ed courses on everything from Bible and theology to counseling and missions.

Mobile Ed courses are designed not just for learning, but for doing. Go beyond the basics and equip yourself with tools that will take you farther in your biblical studies and ministry. Whether you’re a layperson, teacher, or pastor, you will expand your knowledge and gain insights at your own pace and on your own schedule.

And Mobile Ed Certificate Programs offer you the chance to learn even more and master the basics of Greek, Hebrew, theology, biblical interpretation, apologetics, and more from top scholars in their respective fields.

Check out these three certificate programs as well as all the Mobile Ed courses at the July Publisher’s Spotlight sale.

Biblical Languages: Foundational Certificate Program (27 Hours) – 40% Off
The Biblical Languages: Foundational Certificate Program has everything you need to master the basics of the original languages of the Old and New Testaments. The courses and their corresponding textbooks provide a solid foundation for learning the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of biblical Greek and Hebrew. After working through GK101 and HB101 you will be reading, translating, and understanding biblical texts in their original languages.

Theology: Foundational Certificate Program (35 hours) – 40% Off
In the Theology: Foundational Certificate Program you’ll learn what it means to “do theology” through the study of systematic theology categories and topics. You’ll gain a unified perspective on the foundations of Christian thought and doctrine and will grapple with key heresies that Christianity has faced over time. These courses will help you understand how systematic theology is commonly applied and equip you to grow deeper in your theological study of the Bible.

Biblical Interpretation: Foundational Certificate Program (28 Hours) – 40% Off
In the Biblical Interpretation: Foundational Certificate Program you’ll learn the art and science of Bible interpretation from a team of respected scholars. You’ll learn how to interpret the Bible by understanding its cultural contexts, genres, unifying storyline, and philosophies of translation. These courses will help you interpret the books of the Old and New Testaments and equip you with tools for further study.

Each course is broken into short segments, making it easy to dive in any time on your smartphone or laptop. Watch from home with Apple TV or Roku, online via our web app, or go even deeper by taking the course inside Logos Bible Software.

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