Interpret Scripture, Unlock Meaning, and Dig Deeper in Your Studies

The Bible is a vast book, simple enough for a child to understand, yet so deep that the most committed scholars never master its contents. With the Bible’s complexity in mind, how do we interpret the Bible correctly? Why do biblical experts disagree on interpretation?

These are important questions every Christian should be able to answer. And now you can through Mobile Ed’s interactive video course, Biblical Interpretation: Foundational Certificate Program, 40% off this month through the Logos Publisher’s Spotlight sale.

In Biblical Interpretation: Foundational Certificate Program, you’ll learn the science and art of Bible interpretation with seven different expert teachers and scholars. You’ll learn how to interpret the Bible by understanding its cultural contexts, genres, unifying storylines, and philosophies of translation.

Along with gaining an understanding of the ancient worldview of the biblical writers, their historical circumstances, cultural and religious beliefs of their day, and the original languages of the Bible, you’ll also be able to:

  • Understand a variety of difficulties inherent to biblical interpretation
  • Unlock the meaning of a biblical text by recognizing its literary genre
  • Comprehend how word form and word relationships contribute to meaning
  • Interpret passages based upon their original setting and cultural elements
  • Describe key strengths and weaknesses of both formal equivalent translations and functional equivalent translations
  • Describe how the Bible tells one unfolding story of redemption and restoration
  • Identify the six acts of the biblical story
  • Explain the relationship between the OT and the NT
  • Distinguish between prescriptive and descriptive events in the Bible.

The certification course takes you even deeper in your studies with essay responses and quizzes designed to help you think through different issues and retain and apply what you’ve studied.


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