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Every month Logos gives you a book for free, plus deep discounts on two additional books. But this month you have a unique chance to get a popular Mobile Ed course for free, plus two more courses at great prices.

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In your free one-hour Mobile Ed course, The Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts, Dr. Craig Evans answers a common question: Can we trust the New Testament manuscripts? The answer is a resounding yes! And through this course, you’ll learn why. Follow along as Dr. Evans teaches about the quality, quantity, and age of New Testament manuscripts and how these elements compare to nonbiblical ancient texts. You’ll also see how the practices of ancient writers and scribes contributed to the longevity and quality of New Testament manuscripts.

Learn more about the trustworthiness of the Bible and how Bible translations work with translation expert Dr. Mark Strauss in Introducing Bible Translations. In this two-hour course—now only $9.99—you’ll find out how your favorite Bible translation makes a difference in your preaching, teaching, and personal Bible study.

Explore some of the most attacked elements of the New Testament with the three-hour course, Critical Issues in the Synoptic Gospels, for $19.99. Learn how to address postmodern claims against the Gospels from Dr. Craig S. Keener, who explains controversies around miracles, history, and form.

Plus, each course links to additional resources and suggested readings to help you grasp the key teachings of the course.

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