Time’s Almost Up: Get 50% off Books to Power Your Logos Features


By using Logos Bible Software, you’ve already saved yourself hours of study time by getting instant access to thousands of resources with just a few clicks.

There’s a way to supercharge Logos even more: Logos Feature Expansion Collections, a vast collection of books specially chosen to give you more results with your favorite Logos features. Right now these Feature Expansion Collections are on sale for 50% off—but the sale ends soon, so take advantage of this offer today.

Below are just a few of the many Feature Collections you’ll find waiting for you:

1. Parallel Passages Collection (23 vols.)

Load up your Passage guide with resources that reveal narrative or thematic parallels. Get this collection, and the Parallel Passages feature will draw from them to provide detailed accounts of biblical events that are recorded more than once—especially in the historical books of the Old Testament and the Gospels.

Regular Price: $109.99
Your Price: $55.00

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2. Timeline Collection (20 vols.)

Connect your study with the larger context of Church and world history with hundreds of links across all of human history. Use an array of reference and history books that link out of your Timeline, so you can jump straight to a book discussing that event.

Regular Price: $149.99
Your Price: $75.00

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3. Confessional Documents Collection (95 vols.)

Use the Confessional Documents Collection and new Confessional Documents Dataset to study how the historic creeds and councils of Christianity treat any passage of the Bible. Imagine studying Romans 6—and then instantly seeing if it came up at the Council of Nicea, Trent, or the Synod of Dort.

Regular Price: $469.99
Your Price: $235.00

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Explore the wide array of Logos Feature Expansion Collections now, before the 50% discount ends.

Note: these collections include books to power features, not the features themselves.


  1. Richard Lyall says:

    The title of this blog post is verging on downright dishonesty. At best it’s unwisely worded as it gives the wrong impression. I can only pray it doesn’t deliberately mislead to generate sales.

    Why did you put the following words in tiny gray type after each product description, contradicting the title of the post? Was this in hope that potential purchasers would not notice it?

    > “These collections include books to power features, not the features themselves.”

    It’s only necessary to put this on because of the misleading title. If it was felt that the title contained misleading claims it should have been edited, not covered by a disclaimer.

    This does require some explaining!

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Richard.

      Thanks for your comment. The post was titled incorrectly by mistake. It’s been retitled accordingly.So sorry for the confusion, and thanks again for calling our attention to it.

  2. Richard Lyall says:

    The new title is a lot clearer, thanks.