How to Make Your Logos Features Work Harder, so You Don’t Have To

Your Bible study used to start with pulling heavy books down from the shelf and combing through volume upon volume to find what you need. That can take hours.

Your Logos Bible Software features turns those hours into seconds.

But what if your features could work even harder, giving you more insights in the same amount of time?

Logos Feature Expansion Collections include books specially chosen to maximize the effectiveness of your favorite features. Get more commentaries to fill the Passage Guide, more reference works for the Factbook, more resources for the Ancient Literature tool.

And because these collections are 50% off for a limited time, it’s time to stock up!

Here are five collections that will make your Logos features work harder—so you don’t have to.

1. Factbook Collection (22 vols.)

Fill your Factbook with links to articles and summaries about biblical characters, places, themes, and symbols, from varying perspectives.

Regular Price: $209.99
Your Price: $105.00

Get the Factbook Collection now.

2. Ancient Literature Collection (25 vols.)

This collection populates your Passage Guide so you can connect any Bible verse with ancient Jewish and Christian parallels, quotations, and allusions from the Apostolic Fathers, the Talmud, and more.

Regular Price: $458.99
Your Price: $229.50

Get the Ancient Literature Collection now.


 3. Grammars Collection (94 vols.)

Immerse yourself in original-language studies, skim along Greek or Hebrew word-by-word studies, and compare translations, transliterations, and original manuscript reproductions.

Regular Price: $829.99
Your Price: $415.00

Get the Grammars Collection now.


 4. Sermon Finder Collection (236 vols.) (17,000+ sermons)

Explore over 17,600 verse-linked sermons from various traditions and approaches, and see how centuries of preachers before you have handled the passage you’re studying.

Regular Price: $1,399.99
Your Price: $700.00

Get the Sermon Finder Collection now.


 5. Systematic Theologies Collection (183 vols.)

Get over 180 volumes of systematic theology to fill the Systematic Theology section of the Passage Guide. You’ll get a wide range of theological viewpoints.

Regular Price: $1,599.99
Your Price: $800.00

Get the Systematic Theologies Collection now.


There are even more Feature Expansion Collections to discover. Check them out, but don’t wait: they’re 50% off for a limited time.

Note: these collections include books to power features, not the features themselves.