June’s Monthly Sale: 5 Featured Resources and More

June’s monthly sale is packed with great discounts on Mobile Ed courses, commentaries, lexicons, biographies and much more. Save up to 71% on these five featured resources and be sure to check out all the deals at the June Monthly Sale.

2018 Tough Topics Bundle – 71% Off

The 2018 Tough Topics Bundle helps you tackle difficult passages of the Bible. Each course takes an in-depth and unflinching look into the most difficult passages, theological issues, and topics in Scripture. Courses in 2018 cover Pauline theology, important issues in First Corinthians, the historical reliability of Acts, and an examination of ten of the most difficult passages in the Old and New Testament.

Theological Lexicon of the New Testament (3 vols.) – 40% Off

The Theological Lexicon of the New Testament, written by the premier biblical exegete Ceslas Spicq, takes its place alongside other standard language tools for New Testament studies. This singular three-volume set combines Spicq’s command of lexicography with a theological approach to New Testament studies. Spicq’s quest is not for morphology, orthography, or even grammar or syntax; rather, he wants to uncover the religious meaning of the language used in the New Testament.

Bible Biography Series (27 vols.) – 49% Off

John G. Butler brings various Bible characters to life while providing verse-by-verse expository studies of Scripture. They are extensively organized and outlined in alliterated form, filled with gospel lessons and practical applications of Scripture to everyday life, and written in easy-to-understand layman’s language. These books are helpful to preachers in providing material for sermons but also offer valuable instruction for individual and small group Bible studies.

Studies of the New Testament and Its World (SNTW) (15 vols.) – 48% Off

This collection reflects a serious examination of the concerns and topics surrounding first-century Christians and early Christian writings. The authors establish a firm foothold in early church studies with impactful research on such topics as Christian identity formation, the social background of the ancient world, Paul’s cosmology, and the early church’s use of baptism. Seminary students will find these scholarly and well-researched books challenging and thought-provoking, as will pastors and laypeople interested in early Christianity.

The Anchor Yale Bible: Mark 1–8 – 39% Off

In the first installment of his two-volume commentary on Mark, New Testament scholar Joel Marcus recaptures the power of Mark’s enigmatic narrative and capitalizes on its lively pace to lead readers through familiar and not-so-familiar episodes from the ministry of Jesus. Marcus helps readers understand the history, social customs, economic realities, religious movements, and spiritual and personal circumstances that made Jesus who he was. Challenging to scholars and enlightening to laypeople, Mark 1–8 is an invaluable tool for anyone reading the gospel story.

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