June’s Free Ebook: Escape from Reason by Francis Schaeffer

Christian apologist Francis Schaeffer profoundly impacted twentieth-century evangelicalism. And few books have shaped the modern Church’s understanding of the culture more than his classic work, Escape from Reason.

Escape from Reason is Schaeffer’s masterpiece of postmodern analysis. He unpacks humanism’s presuppositions and pushes post-modernism to its logical conclusion–total meaninglessness. But in that despair, he counters with the answer to modern man’s existential crisis—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Take on a deeper and more insightful understanding of Christianity’s response to post-modernism with Escape from Reason, free this month.

Schaeffer analyzes philosophy, science, art, and popular culture to identify dualism, fragmentation, and the decline of reason. Schaeffer’s work takes on a newfound relevance today in his prescient anticipation of the contemporary postmodern ethos. His critique demonstrates Christianity’s promise for a new century—a century in need of purpose and hope now more than ever.

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Be encouraged by reading and reflecting on the lives of great men and women of the faith in this work by Karen Marsh. Through engaging stories that include often untold aspects of their lives, we learn that they experienced many of the same difficulties we do, persevering through times of struggle, doubt, and heartache.

Narrating her own winding pilgrimage through faith, Karen Marsh reveals surprising lessons in everyday spirituality from these “saints”—folks who lived and breathed, and failed and followed God. Told with humor and vulnerability, Vintage Saints and Sinners introduces us afresh to twenty-five brothers and sisters who challenge and inspire us with their honest faith.

Be sure to get Escape from Reason for free this month, and add Vintage Saints and Sinners for $5.99—but only through the end of June.