Get an Ecclesiastes Commentary for Free, Plus Two More Commentaries—for under $15!

Challenging. Ambiguous. Uncertain. Overlooked. These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe the book of Ecclesiastes.

Yet for those who take up the challenge, Ecclesiastes offers great wisdom and insight into the nature of man, the authority of God, and the eternal dangers of elevating earthly and material pursuits over God’s rightful place of worship—theological topics applicable to all Christians today.

In June’s Free Book of the Month, Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 23a: Ecclesiastes, author Roland Murphy delves into this sometimes perplexing book and studies its textual history, historical and sociological context, and place in Israel’s wisdom tradition. Murphy engages a wide range of competing arguments over the authorship and interpretation of Ecclesiastes while providing insight into the text, including how its message contrasted with the expected worldview of that time as well as our current worldview.

You can also add the Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 3: Exodus for $4.99. Discover Israel’s exhilarating liberation from Egypt in a new light through author John I. Durham’s expert interpretation of the Hebrew text. Also, explore the historical evidence for Israel’s presence and flight from Egypt, the call of Moses, Egypt’s plagues, and the significance of the abundance of cultic symbols and imagery in Exodus.

Then, be sure to add the Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 36: John (Second Edition) for only $9.99 more. In this detailed and scholarly commentary, author George Beasley-Murray reveals John’s unique presentation of Christ as truly human and fully divine, giving special emphasis to John’s concentration on the passion and victory of the incarnate Word. His commentary illuminates John’s primary themes—the cross and the resurrection—while engaging thoughtfully with contemporary research.

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