Save 71% on the 2018 Tough Topics Bundle

There are many difficult passages in the Bible. In fact, there are entire books that can leave us perplexed. While we want to know and understand what God is saying, we often set those passages aside, finding ourselves in need of a resource to help guide us through the complexities.

That’s why Logos created Tough Topics courses. Each course takes an in-depth, unflinching look into the most difficult passages, theological issues, and topics in Scripture.

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The 2018 Tough Topics Bundle includes four courses from highly respected biblical scholars:

Pauline Theology (11 hours): Untangle Paul’s theology with Dr. Douglas Moo.

Paul is the most important theologian of the Church. But is it possible to construct a single coherent theology out of his 13 letters while respecting the individual context of each book? Dr. Moo carefully unpacks Paul’s theology in this extensive 11-hour course, offering categories and tools for Pauline theology important for our own faith and preparing us to teach others and to preach.

1st Corinthians (12 hours): Church leadership, sex, and more with Dr. Craig Blomberg.

Paul’s first book to the Corinthians addresses a broad range of issues the church was experiencing, most arising from people’s stunted Christian growth. But many of those issues are the same ones churches deal with today: moral and community issues of Christian leadership, factionalism, lawsuits, sexuality, spiritual gifts, love, and more. Dr. Blomberg reveals Paul’s pastoral heart in addressing these moral and community issues that are as relevant today as they were for the church at Corinth.

Acts (2 hours): Explore Acts and the historical reliability of the miracle accounts with Dr. Craig Keener.

The historical veracity of Acts and the miracles contained within have been attacked and maligned throughout postmodern criticism. Dr. Keener, an award-winning scholar and author of one of the largest and most thoroughly documented Acts commentaries available, pushes back at this skepticism with an in-depth examination of the historical context, authorship, and message of Acts.

Difficult Passages I (3 hours): Interpret tough passages with Dr. Michael Heiser.

Dr. Heiser explores 10 different controversial passages that are especially challenging to interpret. How you understand these verses will have an important ripple effect on the interpretation of other passages you will encounter in the course of your own personal Bible study. Dr. Heiser examines the timeline of the creation account in Genesis, the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart in Exodus, the theme of suffering, the nature of our flesh as Christians, and much more.

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