This May: Resources to Preach a Christ-Centered Gospel

May’s monthly sale gives you resources to prepare and preach Christ-centered sermons.

Spurgeon once famously said to preach Christ or go home. And the wealth of resources offered in May will build your homiletical skill to communicate the gospel of Christ more effectively through the works of some of the most respected preachers, teachers, and authors of our time.

Preaching: Foundational Certificate Program – This multi-hour video course lays a proper foundation for the basics of preaching and builds upon it by covering topics concerning biblical reasons to preach, the history of preaching, preparing and delivering sermons, and how to overcome common challenges in preaching. Part of Logos Mobile Education, this course includes exercises and activities designed for you to maximize what you learn throughout the program.

Crossway Preaching Collection (5 vols.) – Learn homiletics with Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Edmund Clowney, and Tim Keller, resulting in gospel-centered sermons that emphasize Christ. Each volume explains different styles and homiletic principles that focus your preaching on revealing the presence of Jesus throughout all of Scripture.

Studies in Jesus and the Gospels (23 vols.) – Explore the life of Jesus and the background, history, and transmission of the four Gospels through this collection of more recent scholarly work. Learn about early Palestinian Jewish Christianity and theories on the development of the Gospels. Analyze the four Gospels and their messianic interpretation of the Old Testament, and examine the historical views of Jesus.

Holman Reference Collection (13 vols.) – This collection gives you countless indispensable references for your personal study and sermon preparation. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and commentaries provide historical and cultural background for greater context and understanding, while maps, charts, timelines, and graphs put all the information together visually. Also included is The Apologetics Study Bible.

Popular Patristics Series, Part 1 (10 vols.) – This series makes the writings of the early church fathers highly accessible and applicable through readable translations broken down and divided by topic. Their writings on issues including social justice, wealth and poverty, and the frailty of the human condition offer great insight and wisdom for a modern-day audience.

Shop the May sale now! There are even more resources than what’s listed here. But all of them are only on sale for a limited time!