The Logos 7 Sale Ends in Four Days

As of this writing, you only have a few days left to get 20% off Logos 7.

Except, if you already own Logos, you won’t save 20%.

You’ll save more. If you own Logos 4, 5, or 6 you already own some of the resources in Logos 7 base packages. And since we would never charge you twice for books you already own, you’ll get a custom discount based on what’s already in your Logos library.

See your custom price on Logos 7.

Why you’ll probably save more than 20%

Base package libraries stack. Let’s say you bought a Logos 5 base package. When you upgrade to Logos 7, we won’t replace your library. Far from it. We’ll just add on the books in Logos 7 that you don’t already have.

In other words, you’re adding to the investment you already made in Logos. And you’ll do it at a price that’s unique to you.

And Logos 7 libraries include books you’ll turn to again and again. We rebuilt them from the ground up to include commentaries, biblical theologies, systematic theologies, and other resources that have never been in base packages before.

That means that even if you have hundreds of books in your library already, you might as well see what’s in Logos 7. Your favorite commentary set may be included—at a way lower price than purchasing it on its own. (In fact, base package libraries have built-in savings of 90% compared to purchasing volumes on their own!)

Whatever you do, don’t wait. There are only 4 days left to get 20% off plus your custom discount. The sale ends at midnight (PT) on May 31. Check out your custom price now.