Last Chance to Save 40% on Kregel Resources

May is coming to an end—and with it your chance to save 40% on resources from Kregel Publications, our Publisher’s Spotlight for this month.

Kregel consistently produces solidly biblical resources aimed to meet the spiritual needs of all Christians while also fulfilling the more theological and academic demands of pastors, scholars, and students.

While there are many resources to check out, these featured collections will add richness and depth to your library with writings from some of the finest theologians in biblical, theological, and apologetic studies:

Kregel Biblical Studies Collection, (8 vols.) – 41% Off. These commentaries and handbooks provide preachers and teachers the tools they need to craft sermons and lessons based on sound exegesis. Learn central and theological themes and genres, analyze Scriptural motifs and types, and dig through textual issues with several highly respected authors including, Robert B. Chisholm, Allen P. Ross, and Peter T. Vogt.

Kregel Theology Collection, (10 vols.) – 46% Off. Each volume tackles many of the toughest and most intriguing questions of theology by combining some of the best resources available in one bundle. Topics include Old and New Testament studies, ministry, and biblical and systematic theology. Thomas R. Schreiner discusses Paul’s relationship with the Levitical Law, Jason S. DeRouchie explores Jesus in the Old Testament, Robert Plummer clearly teaches interpretive techniques for the Scriptures, and much more.

Kregel Apologetics, (17 vols.) – 40% Off. Christians are assailed on all sides by an increasingly secular and humanistic culture. It’s as important as ever to be prepared to give a defense at all times. That’s exactly what Kregel’s apologetics collection is designed to do. Explore issues such as cultic beliefs, sexuality, suicide and euthanasia, the historicity of Jesus, and the arguments of New Atheism. With resources on creating rational arguments, engaging with a pluralistic culture, and evangelism, this collection presents apologetic methods designed for the unique challenges of twenty-first-century western culture.

These discounts end at midnight on May 31. Be sure to shop the Publisher’s Spotlight today!