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Each of these commentaries are ranked in the top five because they’ve proven themselves over time to be the most trustworthy, credible, and scholarly commentaries available. Each one offers a wealth of insight, exegesis, explanation, illustration, and historical background on every single page. They provide timeless truths from some of the most respected scholars in Christianity and are perfect for preaching, teaching, and personal study.

50% Off: The New International Commentary on the Old Testament & The New International Commentary on the New Testament

This highly acclaimed and evangelical commentary combines accessibility with modern scholarship to provide an exhaustive treatment of each book. Every volume is well referenced with careful exegesis and a mind towards textual accuracy.

50% Off: The NIV Application Commentary

The NIV Application Commentary brings the Bible’s message into our modern context by focusing on its contemporary application through a thoroughly evangelical theological perspective.

50% Off: Pillar New Testament Commentary

Each volume reflects a profound commitment to the holiness and reverence of Scripture as well as the importance of its application in daily life. Every author works carefully to expose the meaning of verses and passages in a clear way that avoids overly technical details when possible.

50% Off: Word Biblical Commentary

This commentary series emphasizes a thorough analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, and theological evidence by scholars who regard Scripture as divine revelation, and it also includes a wealth of Bible translations and Greek and Hebrew resources for in-depth research.

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