Shed Light on Difficult Passages with April’s Free Book of the Month

Though we live in an age of tension between Christ’s first coming and his return, we can still have hope. April’s Free Book of the Month, Between the Cross and the Throne, reminds us that God, not Satan, is ultimately sovereign and victorious.

In Between the Cross and the Throne, Matthew Emerson brings one of the least-understood books in the Bible to life for today’s Christian. His conversational tone guides readers through the book of Revelation, explaining deep themes often missed within its complex imagery. It’s part of the Transformative Word Series from Lexham Press.

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Also on sale is Grant R. Osborne’s Colossians & Philemon Verse by Verse, which draws on his years of scholarly New Testament research to make sense of two important letters. The result is a clear exposition of Colossians and Philemon—what they meant in their first-century setting, and what they mean today.

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Finally, add Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis for just $4.99, and learn how language study can enhance your Bible study. It’s a basic introduction to the field of linguistics—how language works—and how its history, key concepts, major schools of thought, and insights can shed light on various problems in biblical Hebrew and Greek.

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  1. Bill Mullen says

    Speculation, and that is what it is, that there will be a pre-tribulation rapture, being taught as absolute doctrine along with preaching and teaching on Revelation and other parts of the Bible in its context is one of the most misused of man made doctrines. Proponents seem to be more interested in establish it as settled doctrine than searching the Scriptures seeking to learn more of the mind of Christ and how we can become more like him and better honor and obey.