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  • The Preacher’s Notebook: The Collected Quotes, Illustrations, and Prayers of John Stott
    Imagine if you could have met John Stott and heard the stories and inspiration behind some of his most memorable sermons. That’s the idea behind The Preacher’s Notebook. Beginning in the 1940s and continuing until the early 2000s, whenever Stott came across something he thought he could use he captured it on a note card, labeled it according to topic, and filed it away in his study. When he used it in a sermon or book, he made note of it on the card. Those notes have been scanned, transcribed, and arranged topically into this unique volume. Whether you are a preacher, a writer looking for a good idea, or a Stott admirer, you’ll find plenty of gems in The Preacher’s Notebook.
  • Osborne New Testament Commentaries: Part 1 (6 vols.)
    Discover a straightforward explanation of the biblical text in its context that avoids the extremes of oversimplification or technical complexity. Respected biblical scholar Grant R. Osborne brings considerable academic acumen to this accessible, application-focused commentary set covering Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, and Revelation. These six volumes bridge the gap between scholarship and the Church, verse by verse.
  • Lexham Press Pauline Studies Bundle (34 vols.)
    This bundle focuses on the 13 letters written by the apostle Paul, with contributions from 21 respected scholar-authors. Created with pastors, teachers, and other ministry leaders in mind, it includes Lexham Bible Guides for each epistle, and theological and exegetical studies—as well as volumes from the Osborne New Testament Commentaries, the Evangelical Exegetical Commentaries, the High Definition Commentaries, and more.
  • Lexham Press Preaching & Teaching Bundle (40 vols.)
    This bundle packs together 40 volumes of practical resources focused on sharing God’s Word with others. It includes 3,000 quotations, preaching illustrations, and prayers from throughout church history, along with shareable slides and word studies. It also features volumes from the Lexham Methods series, the High Definition Commentaries, the Study, Apply, Share series, and more.

If you preach or teach in your church, these volumes will help you study, prepare, and present your lessons.

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