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If you’ve never owned Logos before, now is the time to experience the accessibility, functionality, and wealth of resources in Logos 7 Starter. For just a little while longer, you can get it for $100 off the normal price!

Making the transition from a paper to a digital library can be a big step. But there are very real advantages to investing in Logos.

Get a 100+ volume Bible study library

You’ll have immediate access to a Bible study library with 112 trusted biblical resources. Logos 7 Starter gives you a greater understanding and knowledge of the biblical text with instantly accessible Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, classic devotionals, creeds, autobiographies, apologetics, and more.

That includes:

  • Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
  • Ryrie’s Basic Theology
  • Elwell’s Evangelical Commentary on the Bible
  • Pilch’s A Cultural Handbook to the Bible
  • And dozens more!

That means you’ll spend less time searching for information and more time studying the text, preparing for sermons and teachings, writing papers, and reading for personal enjoyment. What might take hours with a paper library can be accomplished in minutes with Logos 7 Starter.

Study Scripture in context

Alongside each biblical passage, you’ll find cultural, historical, and contextual background information as well as word definitions, morphology, and syntactical values that allow you to explore meanings in the original languages. And it’s all available in just a few clicks.

Begin with Logos 7 Starter today for under $200 and build from there, keeping your current library every time you upgrade packages or add individual volumes. You never lose anything and you never need to buy a resource a second time. And every time you add a new book to your library, it’s integrated into Logos’ powerful search and cross-referencing functionality. Your digital library can grow and work together in ways a paper library never could.

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