Get Over 100 Bible Study Resources for under $200

If you’ve ever wanted to get Logos but have been waiting for the best possible deal, the time is now.

For the month of April, first-time base package purchasers can get Logos 7 Starter for under $200.

This is the lowest price for Logos 7 we’ve ever offered online—33% off! For only $194.99, you’ll get a library of over 100 Bible study resources, plus the features that make them most useful for study:

  • Turn to a passage and Logos automatically opens only the most relevant resources.
  • Scan your entire library in seconds for insights from commentaries, dictionaries, reference works, maps, and more.
  • Search for any person, place, word, or cultural concept for quick understanding.

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Serious library, serious savings

When you get Logos 7 Starter, you get a library of over 100 books that will deepen your Bible study or sermon prep. If you built this library book-by-book, you’d spend over $2,300. If you picked up just the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible (4 vols.) and the Evangelical Commentary on the Bible you’d pay $199.99. But Starter includes both those resources, plus 99 additional volumes—all for just $194.99 for a limited time.

Get started today with Logos 7 Starter. It comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, and if you choose to upgrade to a different package later, you’ll receive a custom discount based on the books you already own. That way you don’t pay for the same books twice.

This offer is for first-time Logos purchasers only, and it won’t be around long. Get Logos 7 before the deal ends Apr. 30, and begin experiencing the unmatched power of Logos.

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