Your Vote Determines the Discount: LMM 2018 Is Here!

Logos March Madness 2018 has arrived. This year we’re pitting some of our most popular commentary series against each other in a resource rumble that leaves only one series standing.

And for the first time, you have two brackets to vote in. Make your picks in the Logos bracket to crown the commentary champ, then click over to the Mobile Ed bracket where you can pick your favorite courses.

The further your pick goes in the competition, the deeper the discounts. Savings start at 35% and increase with each round. The champion will be discounted 60%. And two brackets means TWO champions—and more opportunities for you to save.

So who will win Round 1? Calvin’s Commentaries (46 vols.) or Wesleyan Bible Commentary (7 vols.)? Craig Evans on the Gospels or Tim Clinton on Biblical Soul Care?

You tell us. Your vote determines the discount, but round 1 is already underway, and time’s running out to cast your vote. Make your voice heard: vote in Round 1 before it ends on March 3 at noon (PT).

The details: how Logos March Madness works

We choose the matchups; you choose the commentary or course you want to win. The resources with the most votes advance to the next round—and the longer they last, the deeper the discount goes.

The eliminated resources go on sale shortly after the end of each round. Discounts start at 35% off and increase with each round, concluding with 60% off the commentary and course crowned as Logos March Madness Champions.

Here’s the round schedule. Voting ends at noon (PT) on the dates below, and the next round starts immediately.

Round 1: March 1–3 (35% off eliminated resources)
Round 2: March 3–6 (40% off eliminated resources)
Round 3: March 6–9 (45% off eliminated resources)
Round 4: March 9–12 (50% off eliminated resources)
Round 5: March 12–15 (55% off eliminated resources)
Round 6: March 15–19 (57% off runners up, 60% off champions)
All Deals Live: March 19–31

Go to to choose your champions!


  1. This promotion is backwards. You’re asking us to vote for our favorite commentaries with the winners getting larger discounts.

    But my favorite commentaries are ones I am most likely to already own. I should be voting for the commentaries I want to get,not the ones I already have.

    • Tyler Smith says

      That’s a great strategy. Finding a strategy for getting the best deal on the resources you want is part of the fun.

  2. Are they going to make the discounts apply to any of the individual volumes? I have loved this promotion the last few years as a way to pick up some good resources without breaking the bank. Changing it to a “collection only” discount is pretty much worthless to me. Very disappointing.

    • Holly Marr says

      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, the Logos March Madness discounts will apply to collections only. However there will be dynamic pricing on all of the collections, so it will be a great time to complete collections and save!