Top 5 Resources on Sale this Month

Logos monthly sales are a fantastic way to grab books at a big discount. Every month we put dozens of new resources on sale, so you’re likely to find a great addition to your library.

Save up to 62% all month long. Browse all sale items now, or look into these highlighted resources:

  1. Library of New Testament Studies: 2015 (35 vols.) — 62% off (only $399.99). One of the most important monograph series on the New Testament ever produced, this collection equips you with 35 volumes of the most recent, critical, and influential scholarship on the Bible’s second testament. Cover the key developments in historical, cultural, linguistic, theological, and hermeneutical questions driving New Testament study.
  2. Mobile Ed: Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos 6 — 40% off (only $419.99). Whether you want to learn Greek and Hebrew for the first time or are simply looking for a refresher, Michael Heiser and Johnny Cisneros are excellent guides. Their approach will teach you the terminology, tools, and methods you need to interpret words and passages of Scripture—without memorization. (Works with Logos 7, too.)
  3. Second Temple Judaism Studies Collection (7 vols.) — 48% off (only $69.99). The Second Temple Period was an era of profound transformation in the religious and social practices of the Near East, and familiarity with it is vital for understanding Judaism, as well as the historical context in which Christianity emerged. This 7-volume collection assembles contributions from today’s top scholars in the field to help you read the New Testament more accurately.
  4. Essentials for New Testament Greek Studies (4 vols.) — 29% off (only $56.99). This collection offers four important resources for studying the Greek New Testament and its early manuscripts. Learn the basics of biblical Greek, then learn how to apply it carefully and thoughtfully as you study, preach, and teach from the New Testament.
  5. Introduction to the New Testament (2 vols.) — 36% off (only $57.99). This two-volume collection from a distinguished Harvard Divinity School professor gives readers a thorough introduction to the New Testament, situated within discussion of the surrounding history and culture. Written in an accessible, non-technical style, this work has been established as a classic of New Testament studies.

Browse all resources now—and save up to 62%.