Top 10 Biggest Savings in Logos March Madness

The results are in, the discounts are set, and it’s time to save. The Logos March Madness champions are NICOT/NT and Jason DeRouchie’s Old Testament exegesis course. But those aren’t the only deals available. Through the end of the month, you can save on every commentary and course featured in the competition.

That means you only have until March 31 to pick up some of our best resources at some of the biggest savings we’ve ever offered.

But which should you choose? If you’re out to save the most possible, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 best deals, broken down by commentaries and courses, and based on how much money you’ll save (not necessarily percentage off).

Biggest savings: commentaries

  1. New International Commentary on the Old and New Testaments (48 vols.) – Save $1,119.18 – 60% off
    This year’s commentary champ is celebrated for its commitment to the reliability and authority of Scripture while still taking into account the latest in historical scholarship. Get it now and you’ll save over $1,000!
  2. The Anchor Yale Bible (88 vols.) – Save $1,049.99 – 50% off
    This massive collection is essential for anyone interested in scholarly study of Scripture. Featuring contributions from Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish traditions, it’s the pinnacle of critical commentaries.
  3. International Critical Commentary Series (ICC) (61 vols.) – Save $855.00 – 45% off
    This comprehensive series covers all the essential disciplines of biblical scholarship: linguistic and textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological. And right now you can get it for over $800 off!
  4. Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) (61 vols.) – $599.99 – 50% off
    This series features strong, biblical scholarship from writers committed to the inspiration of Scripture. Using biblical theology as a framework, more than 50 contributors apply their expertise to every passage of Scripture.
  5. NIV Application Commentary Bundle (NIVAC) (42 vols.) – Save $550.09 – 55% off
    Perfect for pastors, preachers, and Sunday school teachers, this unique series puts application at the forefront—without sacrificing the essential elements of responsible exegesis.

Biggest savings: courses

  1. Mobile Ed: Craig Evans Synoptic Gospels Bundle (3 courses) – Save $511.59 – 55% off
    Follow the story of Jesus from infancy to resurrection with Dr. Craig Evans. You’ll discover the ancient context of Matthew’s Gospel, the authorship of Mark, and the implications of Luke for the Church today.
  2. Mobile Ed: BI205 Old Testament Exegesis (15-hour course) – Save $336.05 – 60% off
    Embark on a journey of OT Hebrew exegesis with Jason DeRouchie. The books of the OT were the only Scriptures Jesus had. This course will equip you to understand the Scriptures Christ lived and breathed—and then apply them to your life.
  3. Mobile Ed: BI206 New Testament Exegesis (14-hour course) – Save $302.15- 57% off
    The whole point of exegesis is to know and worship God. In this course, Dr. Andy Naselli will teach you how to exegete New Testament texts in a way that spreads a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.
  4. Mobile Ed: Systematic Theology Bundle (3 courses) – Save $297.00 – 40% off
    Explore the doctrines of God, creation, Christ, the Church, salvation, and last things with Dr. Michael Allen. These courses will show you that systematic theology is not a restrictive box or intellectual exercise, but a way to view and live faithfully before God and among others.
  5. Mobile Ed: Bryan Chapell Preaching Bundle (2 courses) – Save $252.00 – 40% off
    Master preacher Bryan Chapell dispenses his best teaching on the art of preaching in this 2-course bundle. Learn how to prepare and deliver sermons that are grounded in the biblical text, relevant to your audience, and able to stir God’s people to action.


Don’t miss a single deal! All Logos March Madness deals are live, but not for long. You only have until the end of the month to save, so browse all deals now.


  1. Brenda Johnson says:

    I used to get the daily art and all of a sudden I don’t get it anymore? I loved reading them daily and sharing them with friends. They were a source of encouragement. I miss receiving them.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Brenda. Apologies for the late response. You can resubscribe to Bible Verse Art here. Hope that helps!

  2. Felmar Roel Rap. Singco says:

    These sets of Commentaries series are pure golds!

    Like the merchant who is seeking goodly pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it (Matthew 13:45 – 46), is what I also would like to do to get these sets of amazing books!