Sweet 16 Elimination Sale: Commentaries & Courses 45% Off

Commentaries continue to crumble, but the discounts increase.

We just finished the Sweet 16 round, which means your favorite commentaries and courses—and there are some exceptional ones—are either on sale for up to 45% off, or moving on to higher discounts (depending on how you vote).

Here’s the rundown on what’s on sale after round 3, with a little commentary (pun intended) and a few personal recommendations (bolded).

Commentaries—45% off

Northern Conference

Southern Conference

Mobile Ed courses—45% off

Northern Conference

  • Book Study: Exodus — Exodus is a critical part of the Pentateuch, which forms the backbone of the entire Old Testament. Unlock Exodus and you’ll unlock insights for everything after it in the Bible’s story.
  • Interpreting Judges — Judges is an exciting but puzzling book. This course will help you make sense of how its events and figures fit into the broader narrative of Scripture.
  • The World of the Old Testament Bundle (2 courses) — The Ancient Near East is actually far, far away from us. This course helps you understand the Old Testament by learning about its world.
  • Systematic Theology Bundle (3 courses) — Will provide a thorough theological framework for studying Scripture and living the Christian life. Become familiar with the major theological categories of the Bible.

Southern Conference

Shop these deals now, then vote for the round 4 titles you want to see win.

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