Save 30% on the Popular Patristics Series, Part 3

One of the biggest untapped sources of spiritual wisdom and insight are the writings of the early church fathers. From Hadrian’s Wall in England to northern Africa, these early Christians across multiple continents wrote about, discussed, prayed over, and even suffered because of various debated doctrines—like the Trinity and the Incarnation. Modern Christians often take these early church fathers’ toil for granted, making do with partial or outdated translations that sound more like King James than St. Jerome.

Fortunately, St. Vlad’s Seminary Press has worked to bring new translations of ancient texts into the hands of everyday Christians. This series, Popular Patristics, provides introductions and notes alongside easy-to-read translations, helping Christians from all backgrounds take advantage of the insight and wisdom of the early Church.

The Popular Patristics Series, Part 3 collection contains some of the most cited works by the early church fathers, including On the Incarnation by Athanasius, On the Holy Spirit by Basil the Great, and On the Apostolic Tradition by Hippolytus. These works are enhanced with new translations that replace archaic wording with up-to-date language, and are tagged in Logos to biblical texts and other resources in your library.

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