More Greek Word Studies from Logos

The response from last week’s video was so positive we’ve decided to send another Greek word study video your way. If you’re the type of Bible student that takes word studies to the next level, then this video is for you. In this week’s training, you will learn how to use two indispensable study tools, LSJ and TDNT. Together, these two resources will help you discover key references in Hellenistic literature and create an accurate historical sketch of how a term was used leading up to the time of the NT. Click the video to see how these tools work.

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  1. Thank you for these logos videos. With the depth and complexity of the software, I know there is much to learn about how to most effectively use it. These videos are great tools to teach and remind me what Logos can do.

  2. Delwyn Campbell says

    The TDNT is good – for the entries that it possesses. I was looking for references to the Palm branches to confirm something written by a Mennonite about the actual hostile intent of those who were thronging Christ, but there was no info there.