Get the Best Price on Bible Teaching Outlines

The Teacher’s Outline and Study Bible is a fantastic resource for teaching Bible studies, small groups, or Sunday school classes. And it’s now on Pre-Pub. The price will go up when it launches, so now’s the time to get it at a good price.

About the Teacher’s Outline and Study Bible

This in-depth resource:

  • Provides four months of weekly lessons with a concise summary at the end of each lesson.
  • Contains  outlines with brief prose discussions, making it easy to use them for your Bible teaching.
  • Includes commentary, illustrations, and study questions for every lesson—all majorly helpful for busy Bible teachers

Owning the Teacher’s Outline and Study Bible in Logos is better than owning it in paper or Kindle or any other format, because it ties into your whole theological library and all your Logos tools. Open the Passage Guide to whatever Scripture reference you’re studying, and Logos will send you right to the appropriate page in this and other resources.

Pick up the Teacher’s Outline and Study Bible before the price rises!


  1. I want to pre-order “Teacher’s Outline and Study Bible” right now for the rebated price. Beside, I want to know if I can access my Logos Bible with my iPhone.

    • Holly Marr says

      Thanks for your question, Herold. The answer is yes! With our free mobile app, you can access all of the books in your library, with many of the same features as the desktop. You can learn more about the mobile app at