Do Book Reviews Matter? Yes—to Most of Us.

Customer reviews. Whether we’re searching for a new cell phone or a good book to read on vacation, we all read the reviews before we buy. And in the case of Michael S. Heiser’s newest book, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms, the comments are pretty tough to ignore.

One reviewer wrote, “Reading something by Michael Heiser is like having someone walk quietly into the room and tune in a radio that has been deafening you to distraction with static and interference.”

Exactly. Spend a few minutes with Dr. Heiser (Faithlife’s own scholar-in-residence) and you’ll understand the analogy. Or, if that’s not possible, settle down with his I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible, a collection of articles originally published in Bible Study Magazine. Then read the follow-up collection, The Bible Unfiltered.

In The Bible Unfiltered, Dr. Heiser explores some of the most unusual, interesting, and least understood passages of Scripture. He encourages serious, honest study, and shows how to interpret the Bible in context. Perhaps that’s easier said than done. But from the Angel of Yahweh in the Old Testament to people with tattoos in the New, you’ll get an honest look at some of the Bible’s most intriguing—and misunderstood—parts.

One reviewer wrote that this book is “not your average ‘potato chip’ devotional—this is more like a ‘meat and potato’ devotional.” In other words, it’s a heartier meal—and much more fulfilling.

“I found myself cheering after some of the chapters,” wrote another reviewer, “because of the way it strengthened my faith.”

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But first check out The Bible Unfiltered. One reviewer wrote of it, “Dr. Michael Heiser is responsible for returning me to a more careful examination of the Scriptures.”

Get The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms today.