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Till the end of February, save over 50% on the entire Bible Speaks Today commentary, both Old and New Testaments. Eleven volumes in this series rank among the top five for their respective books at, while many others rank in the top ten. And for a very short time, the whole set is just under $350 on (The hard copy version is priced at $900.)

Stott and Kidner are the big names associated with the Bible Speaks Today commentary. They wrote what have become the most beloved volumes in the series (Kidner did Ecclesiastes, Psalms, and Proverbs; Stott did Acts, Romans, Galatians, and the Sermon on the Mount). But Michael Wilcock, Joyce Baldwin, Barry Webb, Christopher Wright, Dale Ralph Davis, and others also contributed very useful volumes.

What’s so refreshing about the Bible Speaks Today series is that its arguments and prose are so accessible. They provide useful fodder for Bible teachers and helpful interpretation for anyone in the church.

Buying sets in Logos is the most economical way to get good commentaries. And if you buy this set for the (very temporary) sale price, you’ll have a solid, accessible, evangelical commentary on every book of the Bible. Type in any Bible passage in the Logos Passage Guide, and Logos will give you a link to just the right page.

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