Publisher Spotlight: Save big on IVP/UK, but not for long!

In February our Publisher Spotlight turns to InterVarsity Press UK and several of their most popular resources for preachers, educators, and serious Bible students.

But you only have through the 28th of this very short month to save up to 51% on many of the best IVP/UK titles. Here are a few you should not miss:

The Bible Speaks Today: Old and New Testaments (55 vols.)50% off.

This popular commentary series focuses on what Christians can learn from Scripture, rather than just commenting on academic theories. Written largely by conservative evangelicals with real-world pastoral experience, it acts as a collection of expository sermons—rich with practical implications.

Get The Bible Speaks Today: Old and New Testaments for 50% off. (And see below for how to get the OT or NT collections separately.)

Tyndale Commentaries (58 vols.)51% off.

This massive collection gives thorough exposition that is informed by modern scholarship yet always loyal to Scripture as the infallible Word of God.

Get the Tyndale Commentaries for 51% off.

New Studies in Biblical Theology (39 vols.)51% off.

This series represents the very best in biblical theology, drawing from respected biblical scholars such as D.A. Carson, Craig L. Blomberg, and G.K. Beale.

Get New Studies in Biblical Theology for 51% off.

Save 50% on these other products

Contours of Christian Theology (8 vols.) Concise introductory texts focused on the main themes of Christian theology.

The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament (22 vols.) John Stott said this series expounds the biblical text with accuracy, relates it to contemporary life, and makes it readable.

Bible Speaks Today Old Testament Commentary Series (33 vols.) In passage-by-passage exposition, these commentaries apply scriptural truth to everyday life with accessible language.

Be sure to check out all the best deals on resources from IVP/UK—through February 28 only.