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About the Study Bible

These are the only study Bible notes devoted to expounding Scripture through the lens of systematic theology. They’re designed to pair with your ESV Bible in Logos, and help you understand how Scripture forms the basis for your understanding of God, humanity, sin, salvation, and eternity.

Compiled by an outstanding team of editors and 26 contributors, the notes include:

  • 400+ short in-text doctrinal summaries connecting Christian beliefs to specific Bible passages
  • 25 longer articles explaining critical theological topics
  • special introductions to each book of the Bible

“The ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible is a gold mine of rich theology extracted from the deep quarries of Scripture. This valuable resource is easy to read and accessible to all, yet with a depth that will appeal to Bible teachers and church leaders alike.”

—Steven J. Lawson, dean of the doctor of ministry program and professor of preaching, The Master’s Seminary

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