What Does Every Marriage Need the Most?

Why do some marriages burn with passion, while others fade into joylessness?

According to bestselling author and marriage expert Dr. Paul Tripp, it has little to do with mutual attraction, shared interests, or romance. Take care of bigger commitments, and you’ll have plenty of romance.

So what are those bigger commitments?

That’s what Paul Tripp discusses in his live marriage conference. Check out the trailer below to get a feel for the content.

Join Paul Tripp as he teaches you how to develop a beautiful, enjoyable, lasting marriage.

His teaching has already inspired many, and Christian leaders are praising how biblical and practical it is:

“Paul faithfully and brilliantly lets the gospel bear its weight on the messiness and beauty of marriage. I, personally, found [his teaching] to be helpful, and we use it extensively at The Village.”
—­ Matt Chandler, lead pastor, The Village Church; author, The Mingling of Souls

“What I’ve come to expect from Paul Tripp is consistently deep, transparent, biblical, wise, practical, gospel­-driven counsel. I wasn’t disappointed. You won’t be either.”
Elyse Fitzpatrick, counselor; speaker; author, Found in Him

“Noel and I listened to most of [Paul’s teaching] in the car! Wise words. Authentic experience. Provocative application. Turned a long trip into a fruitful two­-person marriage seminar.”
John Piper, pastor; founder, desiringGod.org

You can stream the event live on February 2–3, 2018, or replay it on-demand until March 31. Register as a household, small group, or church, and enjoy adjusted pricing the larger your group gets.

Whether you’re considering engagement, have been married for decades, or want help counseling couples, Paul Tripp’s conference has something for you.

Register now.


  1. We are Deaf. Will this be streamed with closed captions?

    • Matthew Boffey says

      Charles, thanks for asking. I’m checking in with some members of our team to see about that. I hope that it will be.

  2. How true it is “its me, its me, I need help”
    If we all could just keep this perspective when things get heated with our mates!

  3. What browser do you need to be able to view the conference?

  4. I did my register in January, 11 but I didn’t receive any reply if it’s confirmed and how to attende the conference.